Monday, November 24, 2014

day three

while I’m not quite ^that^ excited about starting my cleanse days, i am excited to see my results for the whole 30 days.  after today, i'm 10% done.  

so, today and tomorrow are cleanse days.  basically, you don't *eat* much.  you consume calories, through the supplemental drinks and snacks, but there isn't a formal meal or meal replacement.

yes, it was hard.

i woke up a little cranky because i was woken up by our cat leo around 3:00am who was on mike's night stand drinking water out of his glass.  because leo is not the most graceful boy, he was sticking his head in the glass and tilting it, causing one of those noises you always wake up from - glass being knocked over.  luckily, the glass didn't get totally knocked over, but it was enough banging of the glass on the night stand to wake both mike and i up. ugh.

but, i got up, got ready, and started my day with the first cleanse.  it's a liquid and you drink 4 ounces at a time.  similar to the shake day liquid supplement, but clearly a different purpose.  the cleanse liquid (also available in powder), is a synergistic blend of gentle, whole-body cleansing herbs and other natural compounds scientifically formulated to help support the body’s natural ability to remove toxins and impurities.

goodbye toxins!

i had a little headache in the morning, so i kept drinking water and made a mug of green tea and within about 15 minutes i felt back to normal.

by 9:00, i was hungry.  not dying, just had hunger pangs and my tummy grumbled a bunch.  so at 10:00, i had my mid-morning snack:  a serving of the shake day liquid supplement and the recommended approved snacks.  i had two of the delicious dark chocolates (i ate them slowly, over the course of about 45 minutes), followed by 2 snack tablets.  and water.  always lots of water.

my second cleanse was around noon.  same as the morning -- just down the 4 ounces of liquid, followed by water.

i had my afternoon snack, but by the time the afternoon cleanse serving came around, i was hungry.  but hungry for something good for me.  knowing there was broccoli in my fridge at home, i was really wanting some.  instead, i just had my 4 ounce serving of the cleansing liquid, followed by a couple glasses of water.

i was a little worried that not having any specific plans for the evening would really throw me off my game, but then my friend sarah came over for a visit and mike and i caught up on the dvr.  i had my evening snacks, water, and a cup of herbal tea.

first cleanse day was pretty okay!  now just to make it through tomorrow!  but, i know i can do it.  i want to do it.  i want to prove to myself that i can commit to this 30 day program and make changes to my body.  i want a jump-start on my weight loss and this is one way i can do that.  by totally changing my entire eating regimen, i'm creating new habits and losing old cravings.

in fact, want to know what i'm craving?  brussels sprouts salad.  so i'll probably make that for myself on sunday.  i can hear my tummy grumbling over the thought of having that delicous salad, so i'm going to stop talking typing about it.

good night!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

day two

i slept great last night.  nice, deep sleep...perfect was great.

started the day, as i did yesterday, with a liquid supplement and a couple glasses of water.  it's not the most nasty stuff, it just tastes like highly concentrated fruit it's also not the most delicious.  but, it's just one ounce, so down the hopper it went.  followed by two glasses of water.

the shake was less not-delicious today...probably because i'm on the road to craving less sugar.  

most of day two was just like day one.  i had my delicious lunch of turkey burgers and lentil salad with a sprinkle of feta cheese.  it satisfied me all afternoon.

before going to the gym i had a few almonds, just to make sure i would be up to the task of lifting heavy shit.  and lift heavy shit i did. =)

after getting home from the gym and showering, i changed up my dinner shake by throwing it in my nutri-bullet with some ice.  it felt indulgent having a chocolate shake for dinner!

overall, i think day two went just as well as day one.  i wasn't tired or overly hungry.  i had energy and felt good.  i think feeling committed to a program is way more than half the battle.  and...

i'm committed.

bring on the cleanse days!

Friday, November 21, 2014

day one

today is day one of my 30 day cleanse.

last night mike helped me take measurements all over my body.  it was both defeating and inspiring at the same time.  for a minute i felt defeated because it means that i was not only acknowledging my actual size, but i was sharing that information with my husband.  so, it was was a shitty feeling...but you know what else i felt?  inspired to make a change.  the only person that can change those measurements is ME.  i have to change my habits.  i have to commit.  and i have to do it for me.

so, here we are.  day one.

the basics of the program are on 'shake' days you have two shakes, one meal, and approved snacks, plus the recommended supplements.  on 'cleanse' days you have the cleansing products and supplements and a lot of water.

here are my thoughts on today...shake day.

i started with the liquid supplement...just one ounce.  not tasty, but not 100% gross.  since it's just a shot, it goes down pretty easy, followed by a couple glasses of water.

the chocolate protein shake was not delicious.  not disgusting, but not as sweet as the whey protein shakes i'm used to.

i peed like 90 times...

because i drank over a gallon of water.

my lunch was my 400-600 calorie meal for today:  2 turkey burger patties, a cup of lentil salad (lentils, tomatoes, parsley, onions, carrots) and a little sprinkle of feta cheese.  it was delicious.  the meal was right at the 600 calorie mark (approximately 360 for the burgers, 200 for the lentil salad, and 50 for the feta) and i think for my first two days, having a more significant sized meal will help me ease into the program.

my snack in the afternoon was a few raw almonds.  surprisingly, i wasn't overly hungry (probably from having a larger sized lunch), but i knew i would be going to the gym, so eating something nutritious was a priority.

i thought about food less today...except for looking forward to having the same lunch tomorrow!

i went to the gym after work and did a great 'team endurance' bootcamp.  i felt good...not any more pooped than usual from an ass-kicking workout!

my dinner was another chocolate protein shake, and it was pretty good.  i was hungry by the time i drank it, and about a half hour later, my tummy was grumbling something fierce, so i had an approved piece of green tea-infused dark chocolate just to get my head out of the food gutter.  you know what?  that dark chocolate was delicious.  and not delicious in a "i have only eaten one meal today and this dark chocolate is delicious" was delicious in a legitimately delicious way.  i'm glad i learned about them!  it will help the next 29 days go smoother!

overall, today was a great day.

wanna learn more about the program i'm following?  email me here!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

accountability and challenging yourself

holding myself accountable is one of the hardest parts of my fitness journey.  i can make excuses like it's nobody's business.  but, when all the stars are aligned and i've set goals and created consistent plans, my excuses go out the window and accountability comes naturally.  it's getting to the part where i set goals and take the time to make plans and execute them properly that sets me back.  but it's hard.  but i know i can do it.

so instead of getting frustrated by my own inability to hold myself accountable, i'm starting something new.  

upon the recommendation of several friends, including a nutrition student and a fit-mama-turned-personal-trainer, i'm doing a thirty day cleanse.  spoiler alert:  today's post is actually a month old because i wanted to share all of my feelings about my decision, the process, and my experience, but i wanted to avoid any criticism and complete the entire program before i shared my feelings and results.  (and, if it doesn't work out the way i want to, i don't want to share my experience about a program that i wouldn't recommend.)  so, for the next month, every post related to this cleanse will be old.  the feelings i share will be very real, they will just be how i was feeling the month prior.  basically, i want to be 100% sure i want to share this journey and the products with you, but i also want to document my thoughts and feelings in real time.

here's how it went down:  my friend, laura, tried the cleanse and had great results.  she wanted to share her experience with me, so i listened to her story.  then i started hearing little snippets here and there from other people i know that had great results from both the 30 day cleanse and their other products/programs.  one of my college friend's has a sister, jen, who is the fit-mama-turned-personal-trainer and she swears by the products, mostly because she has seen results in herself, her family members, and her clients.

the more i heard about this 30 day program, the more i thought, "why not?"  while there are many answers to that question, and i'm sure i'll get slack from some people for trying this cleanse, i know myself and i need a kick in the ass.  i need structure in order to re-commit and this 30 day program has exactly that.  i like that it has structure with planned shake days and cleanse days, along with tips for snack ideas, exercise, and maintaining motivation.

you know what else makes me excited?  losing weight and inches.  because, yes, that is still the ultimate goal. 

one of my high school classmates decided to give the 30 day cleanse a whirl.  he was hesitant and didn't want anyone to know, until the final results came in...and then he wanted to shout it from the rooftops.  he lost 20 pounds.  in 30 days.  and you know what he did?  follow the program and take a bunch of walks and hikes.  sounds pretty do-able to me.

jen also shared some great results that make me excited.  her mom hopped on the 30 day cleanse and on day 11 she's down over 12 pounds and 16 inches!  her husband chose the 9 day deep cleanse and lost 15 pounds!  she has many other client and friend testimonials that convinced me to just give it a try.

so, the products are ordered and i'm making my plan.  it's going to be challenging, but i can do it.  i can give myself a jump start by doing this cleanse and feel motivated to maintain my healthy lifestyle.  it's been easy the last few months to have extra treats, make less healthy choices, and go to the gym less...but truthfully, it makes me feel yucky.  and no one wants to feel like that.

i have felt tired and lethargic.  i have felt full and bloated.  i have felt guilty and defeated.  i have felt overwhelmed by all the food there is out there.  i have felt like i failed myself.  and i'm ready to feel motivated and confident in my choices.  and i know this cleanse will help me get there.

if you have any questions about the 30 day cleanse, my experience or want to check out their products, email me!

keep following along for the next month to get updates on my progess and how i feel!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{wedding wednesday} volume 8: our ceremony

the most important part of the day was almost here!  after our group photos were all taken with the bridal party and our families, and the boys headed off to boys camp, the girls and i went inside my parents house to cool off in the a/c and just relax for a few minutes before our depature.  bethany got on her phone and showed me a picture dan had taken from under our reception tent as a little sneak peek...and boy, i was ridiculously excited for the rest of this special day.

before we knew it, our chariot awaited!

i told you i had over-the-top plans for the ceremony being on the island.  when that fell through, i couldn't let go of having some kind of on-the-water uniqueness to our day.

so friends of my parents, mr. & mrs. c, graciously volunteered their (gorgeous) party barge to escort the bride, maids of honor, and parents across the lake to the boys camp.  and i was one happy bride.

i knew mrs. c had contacted morgan at valley flower company to decorate the boat to fit the festive occasion, but little did i know how beautiful it would turn out.  full of whimsy with the streaming ribbons off the back and beautiful flowers that coordinated with everything.  to say i was excited would be an enormous understatement.

we slowly made our way across the lake on the most gorgeous day ever...

the closer i got, the more it all settled in:  i was getting married!  

i wasn't the slightest bit nervous (well, maybe of falling in the water), but not of marrying mike.  i was focused, calm, and ready for my vows.

if there is one moment i never could've prepared for, it's when the wave of emotion hit me right before our ceremony.  my dad and i stood next to the little red building, waiting for my mom and the girls to round the corner to their places.  

i started feeling overwhelmed, in a good way.  there were so many people there that i loved.  i quickly gazed around the crowd that could already see my dad and i not so patiently waiting.  i saw lifelong members...

and i almost lost it.

my dad handed me his hankie and asked if i was okay.  i took a deep breath and told him i was with a half-crying smile, and we took our journey down the aisle.

we stopped at the end of the aisle to pick up my mom, so both of my parents could give me away.

and then it was time.  i took mike's hands and we locked eyes.

ben, my coach / friend, performed the ceremony.  he gave us each a questionnaire ahead of time so he could customize the ceremony to our personalities, along with vows that we wrote ourselves.  and let me tell you -- it was absolutely perfect.  well, i don't have to tell for yourself!

and that, my friends, is what i like to call "the best day ever".

stay tuned for more -- our reception, honeymoon, as well as some advice posts for other brides to be! =)


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photography:  bethany and dan photography
flowers:  valley flower company

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

{wedding wednesday} volume 7: bridal portraits

when mike and i first started planning our wedding, we knew we wanted it to be on crystal lake.  and, since our family is friends with the family that owns the boys camp, hosting the event there was kinda a no brainer.  

enter andrea's creative, over-the-top thinking.  i wanted to see if there was a way we could get married on oliver island, in the middle of crystal lake.  

i dreamed of having a half a dozen boats that would pick up guests from the dock at boys camp and shuttle them to the island for our special ceremony.

pretty quickly, the logistics sounded crazy, especially to mike.  i was still pushing to see if it could work, and my mom was cheering me on.  mike thought it sounded like it was more work than it was worth, and the more we talked about it, the more i knew he was right, which is how we landed on having our first look on oliver island instead.  and that went perfectly.  (especially because i had my specific timeline for all of the day's events!)

after our first look was done and bethany and dan had taken shots of us together, we went back to my parents house to have our group photos taken.

talk about some amazing, gorgeous, irreplaceable pictures!  i am absolutely in love with how all of our images turned out.  we stood right on the dirt road (with cars passing by!) and arranged ourselves in all of our groups.  bethany and dan, being the terrific professional photographers they are, asked us ahead of time to give them a list of the shots we wanted.  me, being the obsessive organizer that i am, made sure not only was the list complete, but that each shot would transition easily to the next. it went a little like this:

Bride and Groom: Andrea and Mike
Bride and Groom with Bride's Parents: Andrea & Mike with Shirley & Glyn
Bride with Bride's Parents: Andrea with Shirley & Glyn
Bride with Father: Andrea with Glyn
Bride with Mother: Andrea with Shirley
B&G with Groom's Mom: Andrea & Mike with Liz
B&G with Groom's Mom & Husband: Andrea & Mike with Liz & Rich
B&G with Groom's Dad: Andrea & Mike with Jim
B&G with Groom's Dad & Wife: Andrea & Mike with Jim & Robin
Groom with Dad: Mike with Jim
Groom with Mom: Mike with Liz
Groom with Brothers: Mike, Nate and Jake
Groom with Groom's Mom and Brothers: Mike with Liz, Nate, Jake
Groom with Groom's Dad and Brothers: Mike with Jim, Nate, Jake
B&G with Groom's Mom & Husband and Brothers: Andrea & Mike with Liz & Rich, Nate, Jake
B&G with Groom's Dad & Wife and Brothers: Andrea & Mike with Jim & Robin, Nate, Jake
Bride with Brothers: Andrea with Nate & Jake
Bride with Groomsmen: Andrea with Scot, Nate, Jake
Groom with Groomsmen: Mike with Scot, Nate, Jake
Full Bridal Party: Andrea, Mike, Scot, Nate, Jake, Marileigh, Sara
Bride with Bridesmaids: Andrea with Marileigh, Sara
Groom with Bridesmaids: Mike with Marileigh, Sara

Everyone: Andrea & Mike, Scot, Nate, Jake, Marileigh, Sara, All Parents (Shirley, Glyn, Liz, Rich, Jim, Robin)

so, here are some more of those pictures...

once all of those photos were done, the boys (and dan) took off for the boys camp.  

it was almost time!!!!!!


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photography:  bethany and dan photography
flowers:  valley flower company


any questions about my wedding or want advice?  i'm just an email away!

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