Thursday, March 15, 2012

talent like whoa.

you wanna know what i learned from participating in the (unofficial) pinterest challenge?

there's a lot of talent out there!!!  (not that i didn't actually know that already, it was just confirmed and reinforced!)  i think going through the other blogs that linked-up their projects was just as fun as scouring pinterest to find the perfect project!  and i now have about 173 more things i'd like to make.

because of the huge variety of items (and their level of difficulty in creating) i just needed to share some of the ones that are now on my to-do list!

i absolutely love the nail and thread new hampshire piece i did, and as you read about here, i plan to make more of these things.  well, if you want to try something that isn't a state (or letters), check out this from laura at the butlers!

{image via}

and because i've also pinned this:

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i had to share this from jenna at two-oh-two-seven!  she used pages from magazines to cut the colorful strips!  love the variety of colors!  it looks awesome!

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i'm definitely in the mood to get make art to put on our walls.  i've pinned so many fun options, and seeing this from megan at diy project-aholic makes me wanna get on board with these paint chip pieces!  i've seen a few and just love how you can customize the colors you choose based on your room!

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and, since i'm on this art kick...i pinned this (like many others did too) and knew i could make it myself!

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but, now i know i can after seeing maria's version!

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isn't that great?  i love that she used solid colors.  i think i would use a mix of both patterns and solids!

here's another one...and it's so beautiful and sentimental.  carly, mom of johnnybug, created the same design, but used little johnny's scribbles to create the paper petals!  (brilliant way to keep your toddler's art, dontcha think?!?!)

{image via}

isn't that just a super cute way to incorporate those adorable scribbles into a piece of handmade art?!  i just love it.

while this next project may involve real money, it's still a penny pincher.  (oh, i kill myself!)  i (once again) also pinned the same inspiration piece.  check out how awesome these letters, made by bobily at the world through the eyes of ethan turned out!

{image via}

that's definitely on my list of things to make for our future kitchen!  plus, i just love copper, so it's a win-win!

one thing about getting a house (eventually) that i look forward to most is furnishing it with purpose.  i love the idea of reclaimed wood and re-purposing things to make them better.  we've got a great local place, vermont salvage, that offers a lot of neat things like old doors, windows, mantles, furniture, etc.  every time you go there's different stuff, so it's fun to think creatively.  which is exactly what the next folks did with their coffee table!

i couldn't be more in love with this lovely coffee table created from a salvaged door made by cane and rita from this (sorta) old life!!

{image via}

isn't that so rustic looking?  i love the pillow and blankets and the board game underneath.  this piece is really functional as well as looking vintage!

one thing we need desperately do not have yet is an ottoman...but look at this adorable one kathleen from projects at the pickett's put together!

{image via}

isn't that super cute?  it looks like a little toadstool!  well, maybe not, but it's cute as a button!

one part of my life that could use a little shape-up is my organization.  i'm not totally disorganized, but being really organized is helpful.  if you're like me and follow jen at iheartorganizing, you've seen dozens of ideas for re-organizing kitchens, bathrooms, offices, toys, cords, photos, etc.  well, i'm ready to get on board with my refrigerator.  it's a constant battle for me.  there's always stuff that's awkwardly sized or insisted on being kept or kept until it's rotten way too long.

well, take a look at steph's fridge from calculating blessings:

{image via}

unfortunately, my fridge isn't quite as awesome as hers.  but i have hopes that it can be.  we just need to 1. pare down on our condiments. (don't they get ridiculous?!) 2. label homes for different items.  and 3. contain items that are oddly shaped or just simply belong together (like those little yogurt containers!).

speaking of organization...i've gotten better, but in no means am i organized in the jewelry department.  marissa at everyday lounge act came up with an awesome diy jewelry organizer!

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isn't it terrific?!  especially for your 'everyday' jewelry that's in heavy rotation.  all the shiny jewelry pops off the dark background and everything has a place and isn't all tangled.  what a concept, right?!

maybe you already have a jewelry box, but want to jazz it up?  or jazz it down?  (did that sound stupid?)

well, with an inspiration picture of an old fashioned card catalogue, check out how sherry from pondered, primed, perfected made her jewelry box look like a vintage card catalogue!

{image via}

isn't it awesome the variety of things people come up with?!  and how awesome they all look?!  as if visiting pinterest hourly daily isn't inspiring enough, when you link-up with all these lovely bloggers, the possibilities really are endless!

so now i just have to decide...what will i make next?!  and what about you -- are there any projects you want to try?

i have to be honest, the next pinspired project i'll do will probably be in the kitchen.  pinterest is an awesome resource for recipes (and the photos of the delicious food makes my mouth water!).  i'm kinda thinking i'll make this for st. patrick's day on saturday!
{image via}

sound good to you?  come on over and we'll have hungry girl shamrock shakes!

in all things pinspired...

=) andrea

p.s.  don't forget, if you wanna join the pinterest craze and don't wanna wait for an invite, just click here and i'll get you one!

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