Wednesday, August 22, 2012

best. app. ever.

our ride back to the airport in baltimore from ocean city was pretty uneventful...mostly thanks to the greatest navi app ever.  i mean ever.  it's the best.

download it now:  waze.

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seriously, stop reading (okay, you can wait til you finish reading this post and then) go to your iphone or android and download the app now.  it's free.

and it's totally awesome.  it's an interactive navigation system that allows users to input information -- traffic congestion, speed traps, accidents, cars on the shoulder, etc., and that inputted information is shared with the users in the area. 

in one spot on our trip back to baltimore, waze sent us on a detour to shave six minutes off our route.  hey, six minutes is six minutes!

it also allows for adding stops, such as a restaurant or a store you know you want to go it's really easy to make it work for what you need. 

a huge thanks to liz and rich for telling us about the app.  seriously, it's the best!

it's also kinda like a game, you can collect points throughout your journeys and you grow from a little baby to a real driver.  and while you're going down the road you can see other where other waze users are on the road!

in fact, while we were still at big pecker's and mike downloaded waze, rich opened up the app on his phone and you could see that two users were at the same place.  well, rich's car was on top of mike's little baby icon...which struck me as totally funny when rich said...

"my car is on top of your baby!!"

that is among phrases you never think you'll hear...right?  i thought it was hilarious.

okay, now you can stop reading.  just make sure you download waze.

=) andrea

p.s.  i wasn't paid or perked to say anything awesome about waze...i just think it's a totally useful app and wanted to share it with you dear readers!

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