Thursday, August 30, 2012


you know that shirt you love...or the earrings that are your go-to pair...maybe it's a necklace that's your signature piece...or a comfy pair of shoes that are just your favorite.

i have a ring i absolutely love.  well, i should say 'had'.  i had a ring i absolutely love.  loved.  it was a gift from my best friend about 4 or 5 years ago.  i wore it every day and received countless compliments on it (not that that is the reason for wearing it, it just loved attention).  i wore it a couple weeks ago to a party and took it off when i went to bed.  in the morning, i put the ring in my bag, along with my favorite (white gold) hoop earrings (that were a christmas gift from my mom about 12 years ago) and my collection of bangles, all because my hungover fingers were too swollen for the ring.

fast forward to the next day...i head out the door to get some groceries.  i get to the store, get out of the car, grab a cart that's nearby, plop my bag down and head inside.  about two minutes into my shopping trip, while in the produce department, all my bangles fall into the bottom of the cart and jingle their way around.

i panicked.

i grabbed the bangles, put them on my wrist, and immediately pawed through my bag like a mad lady.  another lady nearby, who had heard the bangles jingle as they fell into the cart, said something like, "oh no..."

yeah lady...oh no is right.

they were gone.  my ring and earrings had disappeared.  i went back outside to backtrack my steps...i found a chapstick and a mint that had also fallen from my stupid floppy bag...

but no ring or earrings.

r.i.p. favorite ring.

{image via}

i'll be saving my pennies to replace you.

it's from the sundance catalog.  and it's $98.  

total bummer, right?

oh i said, i'm saving my pennies.  literally.

=) andrea  

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  1. Such a beautiful ring, thanks for sharing, I will be saving my pennies for this one as well. I checked ebay, they had some Sundance jewelry but not this piece.


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