Tuesday, August 21, 2012

my happy place

i love going to the beach.  (i mean, who doesn't?!)  i love the sand between my toes...i love the warmth of the sun beating down on my skin...i love how the cool ocean breeze is so refreshing...i love it all.  give me a blanket, a magazine, and a little sunscreen and you've got one very happy girl.  

the beach really is my happy place.  and mike and i were lucky enough to be whisked away to ocean city, maryland, this weekend!  mike's youngest brother turned 21 last week, so we had to get together to celebrate!  (mike and i live in new hampshire, his brothers and mom live in virginia.)


the beach in ocean city was great.  soft sand...lots of people, but plenty of space...and the ocean was cool and refreshing.

mike and i flew down to baltimore on friday afternoon and drove to ocean city which took about two and a half hours.  the drive was pretty nice...going over the bay bridge was a little crazy because it is huge.  like really huge.  like hugely long.  like there are two parts to it huge.  here's what wikipedia says about it:

with shore-to-shore lengths of 4.33 and 4.35 miles (6.97 and 7.00 km),[3] the two spans of the bridge form the longest fixed water crossing in maryland and are also among the world's longest over-water structures.

crazy hugely long, right?!  well, when we went over it, the night was falling upon us and the fog was rolling the sheer massiveness that is the chesapeake bay bridge didn't sink in until we went over it on our way back to the aiport on sunday.  but trust me, it's huge.  and when you can see how long it is (or the fact that you actually can't tell how long it is) and how high off the water it's a little intimidating!  but we successfully made it across...across maryland...through delaware...(yes we took a weird route)...back to maryland...and finally to ocean city around 10:00pm.

we met up with mike's family and headed out to the boardwalk.  if you follow me on instagram (mykindaperfect) you saw this picture of the ferris wheel at the boardwalk.

we wandered around for a couple hours...had a few boardwalk snacks -- fries (made with peanut oil--yum), frozen custard, etc.  we were all pretty tired, since it was past mike and i along with his mom liz, her husband rich, and mike's brothers nate and jake headed back to our condo to call it a night.

when we got back to the condo, us 'kids' decided to take a quick stroll on the beach.  (we have since learned that the beach technically closes at midnight and re-opens at 5:00am...but we were being rebellious!)

while wandering and chit-chatting, we thought we saw something in the water being pushed onto shore...mike went to check it out, thinking it was litter we would throw away...and it was...

a full, un-opened beer!!!  and, it was mike's preferred coors light!  he cracked it open and enjoyed the gift from the ocean.

we kept walking and chatting...and another beer showed up...

then another...

then two...

and then we finally had a six-pack of coors light cans!  a gift from the beer gods of the ocean!

hilarious, right?

shortly after collecting our ocean beers, we really decided to call it a night.  since it was 2:00am and all!

the next morning we went to the beach again!  except this time it was daytime and sunny...just the way i like the beach! =)

like i mentioned before...the beach is my happy i'm perfectly content relaxing in the sun all day long.  i'll take a few breaks to refresh myself in the water...and as long as the clouds don't roll in...i'm a happy girl!

here's the funniest shot that mike's mom got of him coming out of the water...

i've got my very own fabio!!!  hahahaha!

mike and his brothers tossed around a football for awhile and before we knew it was 2:00pm and our tummies were was time for some grub.  we went to the nearby hooters and had some wings and burgers and then headed back to the beach!

as the sun set around a normal dinnertime, we headed in to the condo to get ready to head back to the boardwalk.  we weren't hungry enough for dinner at that point and we figured we could get something yummy at the boardwalk.

did i mention the boardwalk in ocean city, maryland, is three miles long?!  it's enormous!  there are rides and shops and places to eat.  there's a lot of history there too...from

"one of the oldest fixtures on the boardwalk is the carousel at trimper's amusements, in continuous operation since its 1912 installation. it is the country's oldest continuously operating carousel. featuring two tiers of elaborately carved and painted animals, this herschel-spellman carousel dates from 1902.  a multi-sided screen of painted panels and lights disguises the center pivot and power source. the entire carousel is sheltered under an octagonal metal post structure distinguished by a row of paired twelve-pane clerestory windows."

well, let me tell's gorgeous!  and there was a giraffe!!!  (which are my favorite, in case you didn't know....and now you do!)


while at the boardwalk...mike's mom was on a mission...for all six of us to be in a caricature!  so, that's exactly what we did...

rich went first...

then jake...

then liz...

then nate...

then me...

and last, but not least...mike...

if you follow me on instagram, you saw this picture:

here's the final version!

aren't we all so....uh....attractive?!  it makes me laugh out loud because we all look pretty ridiculous...but that's the point of a caricature, so i guess our ridiculousness was captured perfectly!

we did some more wandering around the boardwalk...checking out the arcades, rides, shops and we even bought a few things.  i have a collection of silver bangles...6 from my nana and 1 that a former co-worker gave me from his late wife's collection.  i always intend to add to my collection from places i go, but don't always find something...but in o.c. i got this bangle...

doesn't it fit right into my collection?

i love it...especially because it's a little bit different!

after lots of walking, sitting, eating, and shopping...we headed back to the condo for the night. 

the next morning we headed back to the beach!

mike and i had to head to the airport by 3:00pm to try to avoid traffic, so we hung out at the beach for awhile soaking up the rays and splashing in the ocean until we cleaned ourselves up and grabbed lunch at big pecker's before heading out.

{image via}

so...that was our exciting weekend in ocean city, maryland.  we had a blast, but of course, it was too short!

but now we get to look forward to our next adventure!  i'll keep you posted!

=) andrea

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