Saturday, August 11, 2012

national drive away cancer day

a couple months ago i shared the lovely story of 'drive away cancer'.  (you can read about my experience here.)  it's all about one small mission, a man and his car (a 1953 austin healey named 'grace'), traveling across this great country, to spread awareness about cancer and to spread the message of hope.


today marks the first annual national drive away cancer day.

because i can't explain it better than it's already been written, this is from the drive away cancer facebook page:

Today, Grace carries the names of almost 11,000 people who have survived, are fighting or been lost to cancer. Almost 900 children have ridden in her (with many of those driving) and another 200 or so adults have also come along for the ride. We had bigger plans for tomorrow's National Drive Away Cancer Day - black tie benefits and hundreds of thousands of cars joining us on the road. As it is, we're actually glad things have worked out the way they have. We have people participating across the country (which makes me happier than you can imagine) and whatever you decide to do please remember the underlying mission (it has nothing to do with raising money or increasing awareness - both of which are fine) which is to get out on the road and find someone that has been touched by this horrible disease and try to make them feel better. Whether it's giving them a ride, talking about their loved ones or just giving them a chance to remember someone who has struggled with the illness, just go out and do good.

so, that's what i'm going to do today.  make someone's smile bigger...listen to others' stories...and remember that we're all here on this beautiful planet, fighting our own battles, living our own lives, creating our own memories, and hoping for a brighter future.

i hope you, too, try to participate in this national drive away cancer day, in whatever way you see fit...and i hope it brings you satisfaction to know that even a small action you make today, could instill hope in someone else's future.

=) andrea

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