Wednesday, August 15, 2012

planning for my planner

remember back a few months ago when i raved about my erin condren life planner?!

well, it was about a year ago that i ordered it got me thinking...what am i going to choose for 2013?

last year i chose the very popular chevron pattern in dark orange.  orange is my favorite color, so it makes me happy to see my happy little orange planner every day.  i also purchased one as a gift for my best friend.  for her i also chose the chevron pattern (it's so trendy afterall!), but i got hers in purple!

the only problem is that there are so many different covers to choose you can customize the cover with a specific color (or color combo) from the color guide or even add a photo!

here are some of the cover options:  (all found here on

and there are a bunch more covers to choose from!  i'm having a hard time choosing one...good thing i have a few months...since mine goes through december 2012.  but, you can order them for different 12-month increments.  maybe you want it to start in september because of the school year!

if you didn't/haven't read my post boasting about how much i love my erin condren life planner and all the cool stuff that makes it so great, i'll fill you in on a few of the awesome features it includes.  (all of these pictures are borrowed off erin condren's website.)  there's also a really cute 'block party' video -- click through to the website to view it!

something else that is totally awesome about erin condren planners is the new stuff for 2012/2013.  check out the 'extras' you can get with your planner! (these pictures are also from erin condren's website.)

that's erin in the red top at the top second from the right!

i'm obsessed with colored pens.  i will be getting these with my 2013 planner!

totally awesome stuff, right?!  so what are you gonna get?!  you can't tell me you're not tempted by this organizing masterpiece!

while i go on and on and share lots of pictures and reasons why i love erin condren's planner...i have not been compensated in any way to say the things i have...i just actually feel that way and want to share the love!

so...which cover do you think i should choose?  i've got a couple in mind i i'd customize the colors and another i just like the looks of.  but you know i'll be sharing whatever i end up purchasing with you dear stay tuned!  and, if you want to check out erin condren's pinterest for other color combo ideas, check it out here!

and if you want to check out my pinterest page for all things 'my kinda perfect'...go here!

=) andrea


  1. thanks for the love! we have a tough time choosing too! enjoy!

    1. i'm totally excited to add the pens this time! =) colorful planner = more fun organizing!!!


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