Monday, September 17, 2012

day one.

i did it!  i joined a gym.

kdr fitness to be specific.

this morning is my consultation with ben dearman.  i've known ben for awhile now.  i used to work at the front desk at one of our local gyms and ben was a personal trainer.  long story short, 'personal training' in the way that the average person thinks of it, is not what ben wanted to do.  especially when the gym he was working for (along with so many others) was so focused on making money, rather than the clients' results.

so, he created his own gym.

k.d.r. stands for 'knowledge driven results'.  ben knows a lot about the body...more than just some exercises or weight real anatomy and medical stuff.  ben is extremely knowledgable and personal.  he wants you to succeed.  and he wants me to succeed.

i'll get measured and start a routine...i'll get a food journal and change my lifestyle...

today is day one.

welcome to my new world!

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=) andrea

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  1. good luck! how awesome to have someone who you know and who cares to help you with the journey.


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