Tuesday, September 18, 2012

day two.

so, yesterday i joined a gym.  (don't worry, this blog isn't going to all of a sudden turn into a weight loss blog, but sharing my journey will add accountability to myself because you have all just become my cheerleaders, dear readers!)

part of joining kdr fitness includes a consultation, which is what i had yesterday.  i met with ben dearman (the owner/head program developer/superman), we chatted about my goals, created focus by setting more specific goals, took measurements, and started a food journal.

let's start with my goals.

1. lose weight
2. get fit/gain strength
3. be healthier

okay, so they're a little generic.  that's why ben and i chatted for an hour...i needed more focus.

1. lose weight: sometime in the future, mike and i want to get married and have babies.  the thought of trying on a wedding dress gives me hives.  i do not want to get married at this weight.  and i am not at a healthy weight for pregnancy.  and i don't want to be a lazy pregnant lady.  i want to be active and fit so i'll be around for a long, long time with my children.

2. get fit/gain strength: i'm not fit.  i exercise sometimes.  i need to exercise more for my health, but i also want to be strong.  i want to be to do whatever i set my mind on doing.

3. be healthier: i'm a pretty healthy eater...but when i cheat, i cheat 100%.  so, instead of playing the 'i-wonder-if-i-should-or-shouldn't-have-this-cookie' game, i now have a food journal.  i've tried using 'myfitnesspal' app on my phone, but it constantly errors out before i can enter anything, so i uninstalled it.  (i'm 95% sure it's my phone, not the app. stupid droid.)  my food journal includes a list of proteins (must eat one at each meal every 3-4 hours), fruits & veggies (must eat at least one at each meal), starches (should be eaten sparingly, only on work out days and immediately before or after a workout), and fats (which can be eaten at any meal).

for me, having guidelines or rules to follow is easier than trying to 'eat right'.  and when you have a food journal, you don't have to remember what you ate, because it's all written down!

so, in getting more focused on my goals, ben challenged me.  on december 2nd, mike and i will celebrate our 5th anniversary of togetherness.  my challenge:  buy an outfit that is 1-2 sizes smaller than i currently wear, hang it up so i see it every day, and work like hell to fit into it in 75 days.

well, today is day 2, so 74 days.  not that i'm counting.

ben took my measurements yesterday, which he will use as a baseline for my progress.  while there may be a week when i lose weight, but don't lose inches, or vice versa, it's good to know where i started.

similarly to completing the whole living challenge, i feel a sense of renewed creativity with food.  i love food...(obviously)...but it's easy to get in a rut of basic meals that don't offer exceptional nutrition.  now that i have guidelines to follow about proteins at each meal, etc., i feel confident in this journey.

welcome to my new world!

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=) andrea


  1. you can so do this. And you are motivating me to get my butt in gear and starting moving more and being healthier in general. Go Andrea Go!

  2. You are totally doing this the right way! I spent 2 years trying to lose the 30 lbs I gained my freshmen year of college, when I finally started a food diary and found workout friends to keep me accountable it just fell off. You go girl!


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