Thursday, September 20, 2012

instagram photo dump

what i've been up a little instagram photo dump! =)

a little labor day weekend fire with my besties

after a labor day cruise through the white mountains of new hampshire on the kancamagus highway, we stopped at the muddy moose for a late lunch...delish! =)

my kitty boy, leo.  he's such a little love!

cheering on the pats with a mug full of shipyard pumpkinhead!  yummmm.

delicious nfl watching treat...cheesy ranch burger bites!

i've got my eye on you.  my very, very blue eye.

date night with my mister!

up close and personal with little baby mini kitty, a.k.a. smooshie face.

saturday chores:  car wash!  i thought the soap looked kinda birch-like.  i like it!

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what have you been up to?

=) andrea

p.s.  day four.

i'm sore.  going back for more tomorrow! =)


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