Wednesday, September 12, 2012


hey there dear readers...

just wanted to keep you in the loop of a couple of updates that have happened on my kinda case you didn't notice.  (not that i don't think you did.)

for one, i have been told by some people (who are not constantly connected to facebook or twitter) that they check out my kinda perfect when they think of it, maybe a couple times a week...but if, say, they got an email notifying them of a new post, they'd check it immediately... so, i made it happen!

it's a handy little tool where you can enter your email address and when i publish a new post, you'll be notified via email!  genius, huh?  =)

in addition...i like to make things easier for everyone, including myself...and sometimes even i can't remember every detail of what i've blogged about...or when i blogged about it...or where i linked to or from...

you get the picture.

so, i remedied this issue by adding the 'search' tool.  it's over on the right...down the page a bit...looks like this:

and now you can search too!  if you want to look up my favorite appetizer, pizza dip, it will be right there at your fingertips!  or maybe you're looking for pictures from jamaica... or my handmade christmas cards...

no matter what you're looking for...i want you to find it! =) 

and if you're a google user (gmail, blogger, etc.) on the 'join this site' link and you'll be a member of my site!  i've got a whopping nine members right now and would love for you to become a member too! =)

anything else you want to see here on my kinda perfect?  just email me here and i'll make it happen!

in updates and ease of use...

=) andrea

1 comment:

  1. Yay! I'm so happy you have a search icon! Now I can find all those yummy recipes:))


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