Tuesday, September 11, 2012

wonton 'chips'!

please bear with me.  i promise this week will not be filled with wonton-wrapper-only posts.  just yesterday and today. =)

so, yesterday i showed you the delicious cheesy ranch burger bites i made for our football watching on sunday...and i had already shared how i made crab rangoon bites...

and i need to over share more about these wonton wrappers.  i'm clearly obsessed.

but seriously...wonton wrappers make the best chips/crackers for dipping!

instead of cramming a whole wonton wrapper in a spot for a mini muffin...cut the wrappers in half.  i did it at an angle to make them more of a trapezoid than a rectangle...(where is this inner math geek coming from?!)...

then i put them in the greased mini muffin pan...sprayed the tops with cooking spray and bake for about 8 minutes at about 350-375.  you could also use a baking dish or pan and just have the wrapper 'bend' up the side to create the 'scoop'!

check 'em out!

they're like the most perfect little scoops for dipping!!!  and i love the crunch factor.  they are so crunchy and they're strong enough to hold up for a thick and chunky dip!  and the flavor is mild, so you're dip will really shine!

this is my new favorite thing to serve with dip.  i think the next time i need to bring a dish somewhere i will make some of these wonton 'chips' and make a crab rangoon dip!  and yes, i'll share that culinary adventure here on my kinda perfect!

have you ever discovered something is really good for something else unexpected?  i knew i loved the crunch of these wonton wrappers, but never thought about trying to make them into a chip!  but it's so easy, you should definitely try these!

=) andrea

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