Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween...

...from two of country music's biggest stars...

we attended a halloween party on saturday as none other than billy ray cyrus and dolly parton!  my hair was clearly not bleach-blonde like dolly, but i can't stand wearing wigs, so i did my best to make my hair poufy.  mike's hair was perfect...just slicked it back with some mega-hold gel and it was mullet-ified.

i glued a bunch of sequins to a jacket i bought for $5 at the salvation army thrift store and mike had a red t-shirt that i cut the sleeves off of and wrote 'achy breaky heart' on the back.  for diy costumes, i think we did great! =)

here's a few other costumes including the hosts:

they did an awesome job with their makeup, right?!

bill clinton even showed up!

the mustard was glowing in the blacklight on this hot dog costume!

this guy liked having his picture taken...

here's a little at the decorations...(what i managed to photograph)...and i even made my famous pizza dip -- with a custom spider design on top (thanks to string cheese!).

the weather was quite mild, so most of the night we spent outside by the fire...

mike and i were very responsible and made a nice cozy bed in my cr-v.  the next morning was rough...but the night before was a blast!

thanks guys!  

happy halloween everyone!  have a safe and fun night!

=) andrea

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

what a pinteresting table!

today's pictures are trying to be challenging...some are showing up sideways no matter how i've rotated and saved them to my computer.  sorry if they look a little wonky!

mike and i have been in the market for a new coffee table for awhile.  we have a round one and a rectangular one.  we've used both as coffee tables and we've used both as the table the t.v. sits on.  and since katie, sherry, carmel, and sarah announced the (very unofficial) fall pinterest challenge, i figured this is the perfect time to tackle a coffee table diy project!

i found this picture on pinterest and knew i wanted something that involved color...

{image via pinterest}
this is how it all started:  we recently rearranged our living room and decided to make a switch.  the t.v. had been on the round table and it was fine just sitting in the corner of the room.  but once the entire room was rearranged and the t.v. was then sitting on the rectangular table, the top on the round table cracked and broke.  the table-top portion was almost half gone...definitely making it less usable.

we had been talking about coffee tables for awhile, but hadn't found the right one.  then, a few weeks ago my bff and her sister (my other bff) went browsing at local thrifty stores.  and that's when i found our new table:

sure, she's a little beat-up, but very sold...the shape and size were ideal, so i couldn't pass on it.

and, it was $10.   sold!

so, i texted mike the picture and he was less enthusiastic.  so, i didn't buy it rightthatveryminute, even though i really wanted to.

but, the next day, we were at the store at 11:55, waiting for it to open at 12:00noon.

phew!  it was still there!  i had my $10 bill in hand and gladly gave it to the cashier.  oops, we were in vermont, so there was i pulled out some change and we packed up our brandy new quite used coffee table!!!

we put it in our living room, just to make sure it fit the space well.  it was perfect!

so, like any other couple that likes to make things their own, we decided the best thing to do would be take it apart, sand it down, re-stain it, and have a brandy new coffee table!

and that's exactly what we did!

so, the next saturday, while i was at my part time job, mike took apart the table and went out on the porch to sand it down to get rid of the dark, dark stain that was on it.

see that semi-circle? that's the remnants of our round coffee table! it got put to use as a sanding spot!

the next day, we went down to our garage space and set everything up for the final sanding and staining.

we chose a nice walnut color stain...

and decided to do something a little funky with the legs.  as we went through all the pieces of the table, we noticed a couple different kinds of wood, so we think it may have originally been a handmade piece, including wood-turned legs.  because sanding the legs down enough to stain properly would've been an extremely difficult process, so we decided we would sand them as best we could to accept paint, and then choose a fun spray paint color to paint the legs.

fun, right?

so, here is our staining process...

we liked the 'used' look of the table, so mike was sure to get plenty of stain into all the nooks and crannies!

we just used an old rag to apply and wipe off the stain.  it was a pretty easy process and then we let them hang out in the garage for a few days to cure without the fumes getting into our apartment.

mike applied a couple coats of polyurethane and out in the garage they stayed for a few more days.

and what color did we choose for the legs?  teal!

we did three thin and even coats (over the course of a few days) and we decided while we were at it that we'd also spray paint the drawer knobs and the wood plugs teal too.  they were pretty boring before...

painting them teal definitely addded a little funk to an otherwise simple and cozy-looking coffee table.

once the pieces were all dry and cured, we did one last very very light moonlight!

then i carefully wiped them down with a damp rag and we could finally bring them back inside to put back together.  franny and leo were pretty excited about it!


mike carefully put everything back together...and used a little wood glue to reinforce everything.


yay!  we have a coffee table!!!  and, i absolutely love it!!!!!

i love that there is a little bit of teal in our rug...the teal legs really bring out the fun color!

some of you who saw this sneak peek on instagram last week...

doesn't it look awesome?!

we love it!  and we can't wait to tackle another project!!!

what do you think we should do next?  have you ever bought something with the sole purpose of re-doing it?  i'm so glad the pinterest challenge was the perfect time for me to reveal our brandy new coffee table - full of our own hard work! =)

check out the other ladies projects here, here, here, and here!  and there's link parties to connect other bloggers' projects too!  i can't wait to check 'em out!

=) andrea

p.s.  we made it through sandy unscathed!  i hope all of you and your loved ones are safe.

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