Tuesday, December 25, 2012

100 days

i can't believe i made it.  i made it 100 days in my fitness journey.

back in september when i joined kdr fitness, i was frustrated and motivated.  i was lazy and had drive.  i was at my wit's end and was ready to make a change.

and i did.

i'm so proud to say that i made a commitment and stuck to it.  

i wanted to improve my health.  i wanted to lose weight.  i wanted to feel better.

and i did all of those things and i will continue my new lifestyle forever.

kdr fitness has been one huge part of the progress i've made.  i send an enormous thank you to ben, jamie, mike, gina, and gretchen who continue to push me to achieve my best self.  you guys are incredible.  and you keep me coming back for more torture. =)

i also send a big thank you to the ladies and gents in my bootcamp classes.  you're inspirational.  you're motivational.  you're tough.  and you show me that i am those things too.  thank you for your smiles and your high fives.  also thank you for making kdr fitness what it is:  a family.  we don't judge.  we don't compete.  we don't have fashion face-offs.  we just show up, sweat our asses off, grunt our frustrations out, and know we are better off for sharing those 40 minutes of hard work with each other.

seriously, thank you.

(especially for the fashion face-off part.  i've seen how other facilities can be, and i'm so grateful kdr isn't like that.  i don't look pretty when i'm working out because i'm working too hard to care about what brand of clothes i'm wearing.  plus, why would i want to buy a bunch of brand new clothing just to release a gallon of sweat all over it?  i'll save my fashion funds for clothes work outside the gym thankyouverymuch.)

the one thing i know for sure is that i never could've gotten this far without my own commitment.  my own stubborn self forcing down more fruits and veggies and getting to the gym four days a week.

i find it fitting that my 100th day is today, christmas day.  what a gift i've given myself, dontcha think?

i've given myself the gift of good health.

i've given myself the gift of fitness.

i've given myself the gift of increased strength.

i've given myself the gift of following through with something.

i've committed to this journey.  i'm 100 days in and i'm not going back now.

there may have been a few extra cookies in the past few days or will be in the days to come, but that won't set me back.

i'm looking forward to the next 100 days and the 100 days after that.

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to you, dear readers:  thank you.  thank you for your encouragement.  thank you for supporting me.  thank you for coming back to read my journey.  it's not always easy to share my progress or my feelings on thank you.  thank you thank you thank you! =)

to my family and friends:  you're awesome.  thank you for noticing my progress.  thank you for being my cheerleaders.  and thank you for understanding that i'm changing my life so that our time together will not only last longer, but will be more meaningful.  you're the best, thank you.

merry christmas to all!

=) andrea

p.s.  if you have any questions about my journey, feel free to email me here.  or if you have any questions for kdr fitness, about membership or whatever, email them here.

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