Friday, December 14, 2012

{five things} that are happening right now

1.  i've completed making my christmas cards!  the design on the front is done....but i have to finish writing our message on the inside....and address about 60 envelopes.  

so, in case you're wondering where i've been, i've been up to my eyeballs in paper, scissors, paint, rick-rack, and glue. 


2.  i've filled up my free storage for hosting my photos on blogger!!  so, my apologies for this boring, photo-less post and my lack of posting this week in general.  i have a few posts to share, but can't load my photos, so, no dice for now.  i didn't realize it would take me exactly 13 months to fill up my storage, but alas, on 12/11/12, i got the 'you're full' warning.  which is both crazy exciting and a bit annoying.  i can't believe i've blogged and shared enough of my little life that i could need to upgrade and pay for hosting.  well, here i go, researching my options.  hopefully i can squeeze that in this weekend and be back to 'normal' next week.

3.  yesterday i was having one of those i-have-nothing-to-wear-in-this-closet-full-of-clothes days.  then i decided to try on some pants i haven't worn in a few years.  i tried them on a few weeks ago, and i could get 'em on, but it wasn't pretty.  they were very tight and not comfortable.  definitely not something i could wear all day.  well, yesterday...

they fit!  they slipped right on and buttoned right up!  yay for progress that's noticeable to me!  (and others!  a few people have mentioned they notice my weight loss too!)

4.  i'm sore.

today will be my fourth workout day this week and i'm really feeling my efforts.  wednesday's class was 'camper's choice' where each participant chooses an activity (burpees, jump squats, knee-ups, planks, bootstrappers, dead lifts, kettlebell swings, whatever...amy - i almost chose ropes in honor of you!) and we go around the circuit of all of our activities two or three times (depending on how many people are in the class).  there were 9 of us, and the combination of exercises we chose was killer.  then combine it with last night's 'buns 'n' guns' and let me tell you:  my guns are on fire!  i feel my hard work and can feel myself getting stronger.

and you know what?  i like it.

5.   i feel so sparkly.  they say 'diamonds are a girl's best friend', but i must say, 'diamonds that are from your best friend are the best of all'.  every morning when i put in my beautiful earrings and my lovely necklace, i feel an overwhelming sense of joy and love.  mike is such a special guy and i'm so lucky to share my life with him.  and the fact that he not only makes my heart overflow with happiness, but also adds sparkle to life just makes me feel so special.

what's going on with you?

happy friday!

=) andrea

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