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friday philosophy {anniversary edition}

sometimes i come across a quote that bears some kind of significance and i want to share it with you dear readers.  sometimes it's based on where i am in life or a certain event, sometimes a quote just reminds me of a friend, or sometimes it makes me think.

or it makes me all lovey dovey...

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mike and i celebrated our fifth anniversary of togetherness on sunday.  it's so crazy that five years has passed already...yet i feel like we've shared so much of our lives together, like we've been together 'forever'.

i remember that night we first kissed.  december 2, 2007.  

and i still remember the feeling i felt when we first kissed.

i was giddy...

i was happy...

i had butterflies...

i felt comfortable...

i was excited...

and somehow i knew.  i think we both knew.

it was love.

we've celebrated five anniversaries now and each time december 2nd rolls around, i feel all giddy and happy, with butterflies again...

mike is my love.  we share our lives together...every and downs...from hikes to movies sundays to ballet performances...sick days to vacation days...celebrations to funerals...boating in maine to beaching it in maryland...champagne to bud light...jamaica to wyoming...

we share it all together.

i love you mike!  thank you for the past five years...and for the rest of forever.

so, to fill you in a little on our anniversary, let me start with the dress.  remember - when i first started at kdr fitness ben told me to buy a goal outfit.  it didn't have to be expensive, just something that i really liked for a certain occasion (that turned out our anniversary was good timing for a goal outfit).  he wanted me to buy it right away in 1-2 sizes smaller than i was currently wearing.  well, being a person to spend more time in comfy clothes than clothes that have numbered sizes, i didn't really  know what size i was at, let alone what size i should buy in my goal outfit.  all i knew was there were some numbered size clothing items in my possession that didn't fit.  so, i decided to order the size i thought i was before i realized i was bigger than that.  oh, and i didn't exactly do it right away.  instead, i watched it online for weeks...petting the computer screen as i looked at the dress i really liked.  then, when it went on sale two months later, i finally bought it.

and guess what?  it fit!  maybe it hugs a couple areas a little tighter than i want, but when i lose a few more pounds, i'll love the dress that much more.  i worked hard to get as far as i have, and i'm damn proud to fit in the dress i bought for our special fifth anniversary.  (despite looking slightly awkward in this pose...)

this one's not the whole body, but i like it...


and i very much look forward to being able to wear it as i shed more pounds.  it will only look better and better!

and in case you wanna know, it's from -- check it out here.  and it's currently even cheaper than when i bought it!  30% off!  on sale for $48.99!  it's a great holiday party dress!

anyway, back to our anniversary...

we had a terrific day together.  we slept in, enjoyed breakfast out, cheered on the patriots, and had a lovely dinner out.

and let me tell you -- our dinner was fantastic.  (pardon the pictures below - still crossing my fingers santa will bring me a waiting to get a new camera, so my iphone photos will have to due.)

we went to carpenter & main in norwich, vt.  the restaurant is lovely and our service was excellent.

we started our special dinner with a bottle of rose prosecco. (if you follow me along on instagram, you may have seen a couple of these photos.  if you're not following -- i'm 'mykindaperfect'.)

the prosecco was outstanding.  i was a little nervous when i found out it was a rose, but it was perfect.  it was not overly sweet like i was was perfectly tasty.

carpenter and main offers a regular menu with many starter options, small plates, and large plates, as well as a prix fixe menu.  here's the prix fix:

i ordered from that menu.  i started with the crispy calamari with their famous 'come back' sauce that was excellent!

mike started with their cheese puff sticks.  these are a must-have item!  so flaky and cheesy -- just delicious!


see, mike even gave them a thumbs up! =)

for our entrees, i ordered the hanger steak from the prix fixe menu and let me tell you:  it's one of the most delicious meals i've ever eaten.  the steak was perfectly cooked and oh-so tender.  the carmelized onions and the gravy/sauce were scrumptious.  and i can't wait to splurge on mashed potatoes like these soon -- bleu cheese smashed potatoes.  holy yumminess.  and a side of green beans which are my favorite.  actually, steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans is my all time favorite meal.  so, paint me a happy girl!

sorry for the blurriness.  i was pretty excited to eat it.

it was so good, i cleaned my plate!

mike also had hanger steak, but his was from the regular menu as part of their 'surf & turf'.  his entree was also excellent.

mike happily cleaned his plate of everything, but the broccoli!

notice there's one piece of broccoli missing?  yeah, i ate it.  mike definitely didn't! =)

because it was our special anniversary dinner (and it came with the prix fixe menu) we got dessert....that i failed to photograph.  we ordered the cookies and ice cream plate and it was absolutely scrumptious!  there were two scoops of homemade (in house) ice cream -- i chose coffee for one scoop and honey for the other.  so yummy!  it also came with a few cookies - a snickerdoodle, a biscotti, and a couple other delicious sweets.

we also ordered after dinner drinks.  i opted for a cappuccino with baileys:

and mike got adventurous with a single malt scotch fleet:

we both tried all three.  in the picture above, they go from (left to right) darkest to lightest.  we liked the lightest.  it was the least smoky (and boy can scotch get smoky!) and the one that was most enjoyed overall.  the winner:  glenlivet.

it was a lovely evening out with the love of my life.

so, bottom line, i highly recommend carpenter & mainthe food was amazing, the service was excellent, and despite them having no idea who i am, i highly praise the staff and chef - it was fantastic!  we cannot wait to go again.

oh, and i can't forget to tell you how mike spoiled me.  back at our 2nd anniversary, mike got me a lovely diamond pendant necklace.  it was my first diamond and i wear it all the time.  i love it.  it's special because it's a diamond and it was for our 2nd anniversary, but it's more special because of who gave it to me.  he's a keeper.

i know he's a keeper for several reasons, including that i casually mentioned one time that i'd really like a pair of diamond studs awhile back.  and that's exactly what he got me for our special fifth anniversary of togetherness.  you can see them in the picture above, but i'll show you again...

and if you follow me along on instagram, you saw my little post about my sparkly new earrings to accompany my favorite necklace...

i swear i'm not naked in that picture.  my phone just caught skin, hair, and diamonds!

thank you lover...  you make me sparkle every day - diamonds or not.

so, that's the story of mike and andrea's fifth anniversary.

just as you'd suspect, it was my kinda perfect!

happy friday!

=) andrea

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