Friday, December 21, 2012

made with love

are you ready to see our handmade christmas card for 2012?  well, i'm finally ready to share it! =)

mike was such an awesome assistant this year.  like always, and like i mentioned the other day, i can procrastinate like no other.  i can plan well, but the execution is always a fail.  or a delayed success.  (i mean, the thought of making 60 cards is intimidating, so that's what scares me into nothingness until the last possible minute.)

(yes, i make 60 cards.  yes, i am crazy.)

but, despite waiting until the last minute to put together my little snowman cards, they turned out great, dontcha think?

i have a circle paper cutter which made this year's design so much easier.  i just set the diameter and cut out 60 circles in each size out of white cardstock.  i bought some more blank cards, some sheets of the blue, snowy paper for the background and the rick rack for the scarves (and other 'scarf'-type pom-pom string that was lime green so there would be a variety), but everything else i had on hand!  i had glue, brown paper for the arms, orange paper for the carrot, and black paint for the coal.  i even had little adhesive squares that are about 1/4" thick to create the 3-d effect of the snowman on the card.

i started by cutting everything out.  i find that creating a little assembly line is the best way to work...kinda like prepping everything in the kitchen for a big's easier when it's all ready to put together.  so, i started with the blue, snowy paper as the background and glued them to the cards.  then i worked on the circles: figuring out my three sizes and getting busy cutting 180 circles out of white cardstock.

then i got to work with the paint.  i used black (matte) puffy paint and a q-tip and carefully created little faces on the small circles and small buttons on the medium circles.  the paint dried pretty quickly, and once i was done cutting out the carrot noses out of my (had on hand) orange paper, i just glued 'em on!

i used the brown paper (that i had on hand from helping my best friend with her wedding programs in 2007...holding onto things can be handy!) and cut out some 'sticks' to use for arms.  if you follow me on instagram (i'm mykindaperfect), you saw this misleading picture of the 'arms':

then i glued 'em to the under side of the medium circles that made the bodies!

mike helped by gluing the big circles onto the cards (on the blue, snowy paper) while i trimmed my rick rack and pom pom strands into little 'scarves'.  then i used my trusty hot glue gun to stick the scarves on the under side of the small circles.

then we used the 1/4" thick adhesive squares to put the little snowmen together!  mike put the 'body' on the bottom and i stuck the heads on!

so cute, right?  i couldn't help myself but choose two types of scarves!  hey, i like variety in my crafts! =)

then i wrote my little 'merry christmas' message in each card, signed for mike, myself, franny, and leo!

then mike stuffed 'em and sealed 'em while i addressed 60 envelopes to go to texas, pennsylvania, wyoming, virginia, vermont, new york, new jersey, maine, connecticut, montana, and new hampshire!  our little handmade cards make their way all around america!

do you send christmas cards?  do you ever make cards?  i love getting all kinds of cards, but there's something about a handmade card (or anything else for that matter) that melts my heart.

speaking of melting my heart, i got a little visit at work yesterday from my dear friend jen (you know, my friend who choreographed clara's dream) and her two-year-old daughter, hannah.  hannah loves visiting auntie at work...she knows where my sticker stash is and she isn't afraid of getting in my desk for markers to color.  she even gets her own paper from the copier behind my desk.

so, while jen and i were chatting, hannah was doodling.  after scribbling out three terrific pictures of two-year-old-awesomesauce, she declared she wanted to draw something "for mike!"  (hearing this was an exciting surprise because she gets really shy around mike.)

so, i asked if she wanted me to draw something for her to color in, which sounded like a good idea to her.  "how about a car?" i said, sitting in the showroom of the dealership i work at, it only seemed fitting.  "yeah!" hannah replied.

so, i got my doodle on, and hannah got her scribble on.  and i love her creation!

doesn't it just make your heart melt when a child wants to make something for you?  it wasn't even for me and i absolutely love it!  and, of course, mike does too!  (and i laminated it so we could keep it forever.  yup, i'm that auntie.)

are you all ready for christmas?  i am not.  i cannot lie.  you know i'm a procrastinator, so i can't help but wait until the last minute for a few things.  but after tomorrow and sunday, i should be all set!  (except for a few handmade things for friends that will most likely wait until after the holiday to finish up!  oops.)

happy friday!

=) andrea


  1. your cards are awesome. I'm impressed.
    Hannah sounds like a sweetie!

  2. this is really really cute!!

  3. Andrea this is the cutest! I really like the way it turned out...and pretty easy too! I am looking for ideas for my'd think I'd have done that a little sooner than 4 weeks before the day!? Oh well I will do it! Anyway...thanks for sharing and I will be making this one for sure! Have a great Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas too! Charlotte from AZ

  4. I make 40-45 cards each year for Christmas, and love this idea. But I am going to use it for the 10 January birthday cards I have to send this year!

  5. Awesome!! These are so adorable. Making these with one of the families I nanny for, he's 11. I'll make sure to publish what we come up with and of course link to your site. Creative stuff, love it. Art On!!


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