Wednesday, December 19, 2012

pinterest party!

this is one of those posts that was delayed due to the sudden 'you're storage is full' warning from blogger, which i've temporarily remedied.  sorry for not posting it sooner!

a few weeks ago, my friends got together to have a pinterest party!  

[if you aren't familiar with pinterest yet, i highly recommend you get on board asap!  pinterest is basically an online account of bulletin boards.  you can 'pin' images from different websites and blogs and save them to your personalized 'boards'.  all of your pins (unless they're on a secret board) are viewable by topic so others can 'repin' them.  the great thing about pinterest for bloggers is that when you 'pin' an image, it also saves the original source, so you're always able to give credit where credit is due.]

so, one friday night 6 of us got together for our pinterest party to enjoy a night of girls, wine, food, and crafts.  but what's a pinterest party?

the idea behind a pinterest party is that a few people will bring supplies for a craft they found on pinterest (for all to make) and the people who don't bring craft supplies bring food.  and pinterest is like the ultimate recipe book.  so, we were set to enjoy some yummy pinterest creations and make three pinspired crafts that would make great gifts.

because my craft involved paint, we figured we should do it first to make sure the paint would dry.  (luckily, it dried quicker than we thought!)  so, what was i pinspired by?

{image via}

{image via}

cute, right?  so, i went to joann's and bought a bunch of flower pots!  (the check out lady probably thought i was nuts buying 18 flower pots in november.)  6 of each size:  tiny, small, and medium.  in an effort to be a good pinterest party leader, i had made one creation ahead of time to have as an example in addition to pictures.  my friend michelle and i had gotten together in october to get crafty and think ahead to christmas, and i chose to make my pinspired snowman.

i already had a bunch of puffy paint on hand, so that's what i used, along with a little sponge brush.

they dried quickly!  a thin coat of sponged on puffy paint did the trick!

making pink for the cheeks out of the red and white i had!  no need to buy a pink!


i painted on a scarf and the cute face complete with an orange carrot!

make sure you test where the pots sit on top of each other to paint the buttons or scarf!  you want to show off your handiwork! =)

then i got creative with the scarf, trying to make it look like a nordic-ish pattern.

and a few colorful strings at the end!

so, that was my example for my friends.  i kinda like him.  i think he's pretty cute.  what do you think?  i think i'll call him sven.  sven the snowman.  i mean, he's already all nordic looking with that fancy scarf, right?!

because i had already made this snowman for myself, i figured at the party, i would make a christmas tree and my friends would be able to choose either.

i armed myself with green puffy paint and some glitter paint (that i already had on hand), and i purchased a package of christmas-colored sparkly pom poms and festive felt stars to adorn our lovely craft projects.  michelle also made a christmas tree and the rest of my friends opted for the snowman.  check out our festive creations!

i love the earmuffs!  i think i need to add some to mine!

i love the all-over sparkle affect!

we used a hot glue gun for the sparkly pom poms.

i love them all!  it was such a fun craft to make and would make a great project with kids!  in fact, michelle was inspired by our project and she, her son, and his cousin made snowmen one day shortly after our party on a play date!  i got this text with the following picture: guess what craft i'm doing with k and q today?! :-)

i'm glad we can pass on our craftiness to the younger generation! =)

next up for our crafts was renee's choice!  she purchased some chalkboard paint and a mug for each of us to paint as we wish.  renee's was painted, cured (at least) 24 hours, and baked before we got there, so it was ready for chalk!  she wrote the instructions right on her awesome new chalkboard mug!

bake painted mug (once cured for 24 hours) at 300 degrees...

for 35...

i love that you could give this to a teacher with a special message, a piece of chalk, and some goodies inside.  or you could exchange love notes with your partner.  or whatever you wish!  and you can paint whatever design you want!

before we get to our last craft, i have to share the delicious recipe that my friend jessica brought to the party.  because we had this girls night/pinterest party in november, we were in pumpkin mode.  and this pumpkin dip does not disappoint!

here's the pinspired image:

{image via}

and here's the totally yummy dip that we devoured!

and it's super easy to make!  only four ingredients!

1 (16 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
1 (5 ounce) package instant vanilla pudding mix
1 (15 ounce) can solid pack pumpkin
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
instructions:  mix ingredients together.  enjoy! =)

we had some nilla wafers, but this dip would also be delicious with graham crackers, apple slices, or even pretzels for a sweet and salty snack!

the last craft we made at our inaugural pinterest party was an adorable rustic looking lantern from the hostess with the mostess, michelle!  because our hands were busy making our creations, i didn't get any progress pictures, but here's what you need:

vase or hurricane

using the wire, wrap it around the skinny part of the vase and create a loop to become the handle of the lantern.  then use the twine to wrap around where you wrapped the wire to kinda cover it up and make it more rustic looking.  then tie it off, drop a candle inside, and viola!  you have a lantern!

cute, easy, and inexpensive! =)  i love crafts like that.

we had a wonderful night enjoying each others' company, snacking on some yummy food, and crafting our little hearts out.

have you made anything for gifts this year for christmas?  i still haven't started my handmade gifts, but i've got plans yo!  hopefully i'll be able to crank 'em out before we celebrate with our friends and family!

are you someone that plans all year and is totally ready for christmas or are you like me?  i wait until the last possible minute.  what can i say?  i've said it before, and i'll say it again:  i'm a procrastinator.

in christmas crafts and pinterest parties...

=) andrea 


  1. Awesome idea pinterest party!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, the snowmen and christmas tree ideas are just the smartest! Thanks a lot for sharing this!

    1. Thanks! They were super simple and inexpensive -- my favorite projects! =)


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