Thursday, December 6, 2012

pounds vs. inches

so, when i left you all last week, i admitted i was getting weighed and measured later at kdr fitness with ben.  i did.

and i was disappointed.  (i can't lie.)

while i've still been losing inches, the pounds aren't shedding as quick as i'd like.  there's reason that i've learned, that i'll share in a minute.

so, in the last 11 weeks, i've lost 9 pounds.  it's slow-going, but that's still 9 pounds in the right direction.  (and yes, i find it extremely frustrating to feel like i'm making proper changes and working hard to only lose 9 pounds.)

but, i have gone down about two pants sizes.  (i'm fitting into jeans and pants i put in the drawer when i got too fat for them, and now they are back in my wardrobe rotation.)  i've lost several inches around my upper body, but more throughout my waist, hips, and butt.  (hence fitting into pants i haven't worn in ages.)

but why is my weight not dropping like it's hot?  ('cause you know that's how i wanna drop it!)

because, despite my efforts, i'm eating too many carbs.  (womp, womp.)  and while i admitted that i had fallen off the wagon (so to speak) a little a few weeks ago, i didn't think i was doing too badly.  i was wrong.

confession:  i cheated too much and too often.  the (few) carbs i was sneaking in were too many.  here's a little breakdown that's kinda helpful about carbs:

{image via pinterest}

basically i've been building muscle and burning fat at almost the same rate, hence the 9 pound loss vs. a more substantial loss.

so, this week i've kicked it up a notch with my eating.  ben instructed me to eat more veggies, so that's exactly what i've set out to do.

for starters, i've returned to my morning smoothie i enjoyed when i did the whole living challenge.  my favorite combination of fruits is banana, strawberries, and blueberries.  i only use 1/2 a banana because they are very sugary...but the strong taste of banana really makes a healthy smoothie taste less healthy.  also, a smoothie is an easy way to get a handful of spinach into my body while it tastes like a strawberry banana treat.  (seriously, try it sometime.  i swear you won't taste the spinach.  i promise.)  i also get some protein in there with some yogurt or peanut butter and thin it out with a bit of milk or water.

i'm also trying to eat as many veggies as possible.  i like eating salad, so i'll probably be having a salad for lunch or dinner daily.

next on my list is to (finally) pick up some protein powder to also incorporate into my smoothies.  ben recommended this the first day i met with him.  frankly, i just didn't feel like buying it or using it.  but, now that i'm back on my smoothies, i think it will be a great way to incorporate more protein at the beginning of the day.

i'm also stepping it up at the gym by going an additional day when i can.  last week i did 4 days and it felt great.  because of my crazy schedule this week, i'm only going 3 times, but coupled with a refreshed outlook on food, i think i'll still do alright.

so, there's my update.  i'm making progress and that feels good.  it especially feels good when people i haven't seen in a few days or weeks sincerely notice my weight/inches loss.

i'm also part of holiday program kdr fitness is holding:  the holiday hold 'em.  after thanksgiving we had a weigh-in.  the challenge is to not gain any weight during the holiday season.  i'm already lower than that weight a couple weeks ago, so that's good, right?

in pounds and inches lost...

=) andrea

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