Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{recipe roundup} yummy holiday treats

if you're anything like me, you always have at least a few go-to recipes for different occasions...but you also like trying something new.  heck, trying new recipes is how 'sunday yumday' was born!

looking back at the past year plus, i've shared a bunch of recipes with you.  some are awesome, some so-so, but i wanted to give you a little recipe roundup (with links to the original post of the recipe) of some of my favorites that will most likely make appearances during the holiday season.

#1:  pizza dip.

this one is a fan favorite.  it's pretty easy and very versatile because you can include (or exclude) any pizza toppings!

this has actually already made an appearance this holiday season.  we had our first holiday party on december 1st and of course i brought pizza dip!  my friends nicole and chris are huge fans and i love to make my friends happy!

and since i'm trying to eat more healthy, i paired a few scoops of pizza dip on big hunks of bell pepper (instead of bread or chips) and it was delicous!  i love pepper on pizza, so why not put pizza dip on a pepper?!  delish!

#2:  anything in a wonton cup -- philly cheesesteak bites or cheesy ranch burger bites or crab rangoon bites

the wonton wrapper has become my biggest culinary obsession.  they make the perfect vessel for bringing deliciousness to your taste buds.

find these in the produce section -- near the tofu!!!

you can even make chips out of wonton wrappers! =)

#3:  stuffed mushrooms

i know not everyone likes mushrooms, but i love 'em, so all the more for me! =)

these are a favorite of mine.  there's something about the combo of mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese that make my mouth water!


#4:  baked brie

puff-pastry wrapped brie with pecans, honey, and maple syrup?  yes please!


#5:  chocolate pretzel bites

these are easy and fun to make, you could even have your kids help!  they make a great treat to give as a gift.  imagine anyone's face when you show up with a tin of these for a hostess gift?  i'm sure you'd get a great big smile!  and you can make them for different holidays or occasions with different colored m&m's!

#6:  deviled eggs

this is a no-fail, simple recipe for deviled eggs.  i know some people add relish or other creative ingredients, but a simple, delicious deviled egg is a fan favorite.

#7:  buffalo chicken dip

my friend heather and her husband john love making this dip and i do too!  it's a great party dip!  a little spicy, a little cheesy, and a whole lotta yummy!

#8:  spicy black bean dip

now, i actually didn't feature this recipe, but my friend andrea at pie birds, buttons, & muddy puddles did!  we got together to do some crafts one evening and she made this yummy dip for us to enjoy.  it was delicious.  i didn't even know it was primarily beans!  it was so flavorful, i swore there was chorizo in there somewhere!  if you like a little mexican flair, this a dip for you!

{image via one perfect bite}

#9:  nutella banana bread

this is a terrific christmas morning recipe or one to give as a gift.  banana bread is a yummy treat, but swirl some nutella in there and i'm a happy girl!  your kids will love it! =)

#10:  ???  reader's choice!

what's your favorite holiday recipe?  do you have a go-to appetizer or a never fail entree or dessert?  share your recipes with me and i'll feature them here on my kinda perfect!  just email me here, and next week i'll share all the fantastic recipes you've shared with me!

and that's my recipe roundup for yummy holiday treats!  great items to bring to a holiday party or to serve to your family...even great gift ideas!  we've all gotta eat, we might as well enjoy it!

=) andrea

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