Monday, January 14, 2013

planny mcplannerson

confession:  i'm a total nerd for my planner.

you may already know that, based on how much i've bragged about my erin condren life planner in the past...or how much i looked forward to getting this new one...

well, let me tell you, 2013 has not disappointed.

my best friend and i decided to order ours together.  and then she told me to just pick out a cover for her because she loved having the surprise like when i bought hers last year.

so, the day that the package arrived and mike texted me when he got home to let me know, i pretty much squealed with delight and couldn't wait to open the package.  it had my planner, my bff's planner, and a package of colorful erin condren pens that i couldn't resist so i bought 'em for myself.

when i got home i immediately opened the package:

i couldn't be more happy!  and neither could my bff!

the cover i chose was called 'mod moroccan'.  since my bff told me to surprise her, i decided to, like last year, get the same cover for myself and marileigh and just have the colors be different.  you can check out the life planners here where there are so many style options for covers, including having a photograph on the front or back.  there's a color guide here that shows you the different colors you can use to customize your planner's cover.  last year i chose the 'zig zag' pattern for both me and my bff, mine was 'dark orange' and hers was 'purple'.

this year, for mine i chose 'teal' and 'green'.  for marileigh's i chose 'navy' and 'hot pink'.

the first night i instagrammed this photo as i snapped in the new page-holder into my 2013 planner in the first week of the new year:  (follow me, i'm @mykindaperfect

i absolutely love this planner and couldn't imagine being as organized as i am without it.

and it's totally 2013 resolution friendly...plenty of spots for me to write down some goals!  (yeah, i should get on that.  it's january 14th and i haven't written down a goal yet.  oops.)

i really love the quotes throughout the planner too...and that everything is so colorful!

and having the colorful pen set makes staying organized that much more fun...i use certain colors for certain things, like the blog, work, my church job, stuff with mike, etc.  it makes it so much prettier to look at!

i absolutely love my erin condren life planner and i highly recommend it.

go right on over to the website here.

happy organizing!  or goal setting!  whatever it is...happy new year!  best wishes for an awesome 2013!

=) andrea

p.s.  oh, speaking of goals.  i have actually made one, i just need to write it down.  (this is kinda like writing it down, but i digress...)  i'd like to try to complete a 5k this year.  i've said i'd like to do the 'c25k' program before, but this time i'd really like to give it a try.  i'm working hard at the gym and i know by the time spring comes i'll be very ready to be outside.  and i think training to run a 5k is a great way to set a goal and actually follow through.  this particular program starts slow with increments of jogging with walking.  it builds you up slowly so you feel comfortable with the whole running thing.  i'm not a runner and never have been, but i think after losing some more weight this winter it will be that much easier than the last time i tried.  goal #1.

p.p.s.  i wasn't paid or perked to write this post.  i just happen to be a big fan of erin condren's products and like to share my feelings on things i love and products you might love too.

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  1. thank you for the sweet post - we are thrilled that you love your planners! enjoy!


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