Wednesday, January 23, 2013

so fresh and so clean clean

do you ever try and new product and then wonder how you ever survived without it?  that happens to me with household and personal items alike...

and that's how i feel about my new shampoo and conditioner:  marrakesh.

i first bought a small bottle each of shampoo and conditioner back in november when my salon, just paradise, was holding their anniversary event.  they had a bunch of product giveaways and lots of stuff was on sale.  when the owner of the salon asked if i had tried marrakesh, she couldn't stop raving about it.  she convinced me to try the shampoo and conditioner and she handed me a complimentary bottle of 'marrakesh x', a leave-in conditioner with many benefits.

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well, let me tell you -- my hair has never been so soft and manageable...and it smells incredible.

but i have to give you a little hair history here (say that five times fast)...  i have long, wavy-ish hair that i generally have highlighted every 6-8 weeks.  it always gets greasy the day after i shampoo...and always has...and i mean greasy.  greasy like there's little to no chance i'm wearing day two hair without a hat.

and then i read this blog post from becca at the daily muse: "i (still) never wash my hair."  and i was inspired.  see, becca doesn't shampoo her hair every day.  and she's actually found that it's less oily.  

less oily?

the concept sounded strange, but not totally out there.  i've seen the chaz dean infomercial about his 'wen' hairline and how traditional shampoos (that contain sulfates) actually strip the natural oils from your scalp, thus forcing your body to work hard to restore those oils.  and when it works that hard to restore the oils, it kinda doesn't know when to stop...which is how greasy or oily hair happens.  

so, long story short, i believe chaz and becca are onto something.

so i tried becca's method, slowly.  i hadn't colored my hair in about six months (because my hairdresser went and had an adorable baby boy just days before my last appointment before her maternity dare she?  just kidding!), and my hair was generally manageable, but day two was always greasy.  so i followed becca's advice on limiting shampooing.  she shampoos only once a week, so created my own trial method to work my days up between shampoos.

day one in the shower i shampooed and conditioned normally.  day two i skipped the shampoo and just thoroughly rinsed my hair, all while scrubbing my scalp as if it was suds up in shampoo.  and then i conditioned normally.

and you know what?  my hair was actually normal.  

the real test though was going to be adding days between shampoos...especially when sweaty work outs were included in my schedule.  so i kept at it...stretching days between shampoos and only rinsing, scrubbing, and conditioning.

and it really worked great.

and then the salon had their anniversary i bought and tried the marrakesh products.

they are so amazing.  seriously, i can't say enough about how much i love the products.

marrakesh is made by a company called earthly body.  it's a family owned business making natural family skin and hair care products since 1994.  focusing on natural options for moisturizing and rejuvenating skin and hair, earthly body uses hemp seed oil and argan oil to naturally replenish the oils our bodies are lacking, whether from sun exposure, poor nutrition or neglect.  as stated on their website:  "the focus of marrakesh hair care is to provide consumers with natural, health-conscious, and eco-friendly alternatives for the needs and demands of all hair types."   

and, unlike the majority of shampoos on the market, marrakesh is sulfate-free, so you actually can use it daily.  their website boasts it "leaves hair clean, incredibly hydrated, and healthier than ever before" and that there's "noticeable improvement in shine and strength in just one wash".  

and i found those things to be absolutely true.

my hair has never been so soft.  it's never been so manageable.  it's never made me so happy!

in fact, i successfully hinted to both my mom and mike how much i love this stuff, and they each got me big bottles of the marrakesh shampoo and conditioner for christmas!  hopefully i can make it last til next christmas! =)

so, i wanted to share this information with you because i love my marrakesh shampoo and conditioner.  and i love to share information about products i love and have had success with, just like i love hearing from other people about their personal recommendations.

for more information, visit the marrakesh website here.

in shiny hair and outkast lyrics...

=) andrea

p.s.  i wasn't paid or perked to write this post.  these opinions are my own and i just like sharing my pleasant experiences with you dear readers.

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