Friday, July 26, 2013

tv junkie: game show!

it's been awhile since i did a t.v. junkie post!  (long-story-short:  i love me some t.v.  when i love a show enough, i want to share it with you.  so, here we go!)

this summer came nbc's new hit game show:  hollywood game night.  if you haven't seen it yet, stop what you're doing and youtube it right now.  you'll thank me later.

hollywood game night is hosted by the ever-hilarious jane lynch (from glee, two and a half men, the l word, and countless other movies and shows).  there are two regular people competing against each other in hokey party games (like pictionary or name that tune - while only humming!).  they are armed with the assistance from three celebrities each.  think matthew perry, lisa kudrow, kristen bell, martin short, amy poehler, maya rudolph, sean hayes, and dax shepherd.  if that list of characters doesn't intice you to laugh your a$$ off, nothing will.  and the contestants win money!  (the celebs get to donate to their favorite charity.)

{image via}

these people are not only actors, but they are hilariously funny people.  

and the set designers?  they've got me drooling over that rug!

let me zoom in for ya: 

{image via}     {sorry it's so fuzzy, but you get the idea}

i lurve that rug.  and i need it in my life.

i've been trying to track down the maker, with no avail.  i even tweeted @janemarielynch and @nbcgamenight to try to get an answer.  (none yet!)

i could build an entire home's decor around that rug.  i love the colors.  i love the style.  put simply, i love it.  it's definitely my kinda perfect rug!  (see what i did there?!)

so, friends, if you stumble across the maker of this fabulous rug, please do let me know.

and in the meantime, watch the show.  you won't be sorry.  well, unless you pee your pants.  then you may be sorry.

catch hollywood game night on nbc on thursdays at 10:00pm.

disclosure:  i wasn't compensated in any way to blog about this show or its gorgeous set.  i just love the show and want the rug.  and want to welcome you to my madness.  you're welcome.

Friday, July 19, 2013

when opportunity knocks...

sometimes i come across a quote that bears some kind of significance and i want to share it with you dear readers.  sometimes it's based on where i am in life or a certain event, sometimes a quote just reminds me of a friend, or sometimes it makes me think.

{image via}

happy friday!  i hope you are all having a fabulous summer...seizing every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, flowers, cookouts, swimming, and all the other fun stuff that comes with summer.  like s'mores.

and i also hope you're taking every opportunity you want to somehow enhance your life, whether it's through work or volunteering or just something that makes you feel good.  recently, i was given an opportunity to do just that.  (one of the reasons i've been a little absent the last couple weeks.  i've got quite a full plate!)  it's very exciting and a little bit scary, but it's a great opportunity and i just couldn't pass it up.

here's my exciting news:  i was approached to write for a new, local, quarterly publication!!!  totally crazy-awesome, right?!  in case you couldn't tell, i'm very excited about this new opportunity.

as i assume you know, i love to write.  (and if you didn't know that, now you do.)  i started this blog with that being 50% of my motivation.  (the other half of my reasoning was that i love crafting and cooking and whatnot...and i know there are people out there that would like to hear about it.  like you awesome readers.  and thank goodness you do!)  having this creative outlet has been nothing short of amazing.  and sharing my blog and my blogging experience with friends, family, acquaintances, and people i meet has been even more amazing.

so amazing that when i met this lovely gal, jen, the publisher of this new local paper, the conversation quickly turned from getting my company to advertise in the publication to our love of writing and then to this little ole blog.  (things always work out for a reason, don't they?)  as it turns out, my company will be advertising in her publication, and this little blogger will spread her wings to print.

spoiler alert:  i've actually been published twice before in another local paper, the green energy times (here - page 24, titled 'enfield couple deserves a big hand' and here - page 8 'ck out the new 2011 cr-z').  and those were also awesomely exciting chances to write, despite the lack of pay.  (not that that's why i do it.  because i haven't made a dime off what i write here either!)  but every opportunity you take could give you more.  and that's where i am right now...with more opportunity!

so, now that i have chance to write (in print!) for another publication, i wanted to express my sincere appreciation to my readers, to the interwebs, to the world, to anyone who wants to listen.  i am so, so grateful.  i feel blessed to have been given these opportunities, and i want to make the most of them.  and i totally appreciate your support!

so, as full as my plate is, i'm also feeling very content.  being offered new opportunities?  exciting.  staying busy with friends and family this summer?  rewarding.  working my a$$ off, both at the gym and at my two jobs?  satisfying.

i'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of my summer and hope you do too!  i've got a lot of fun posts to write, but finding the time has been challenging.  so, hopefully, little by little, i'll have some new recipes, projects, and adventures to share here on mkp.  

i hope your days are full of excitement, your hearts are feeling rewarded, and your responsibilities satisfy your needs.

when opportunity knocks...answer it!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


almost three years ago, shortly before our friends steph and shaun got married, i gave mike a haircut.  it was a simple, quarter-inch buzz cut.

he looked so handsome with that fresh cut.  and it was a great haircut for summer.  no fuss!  (and he's even more handsome now!)

rewind to the beginning of our relationship (back in 2007)...mike was growing his hair out.  he's got thick, dark, curly hair...and hey, why not try to grow it out, right?  plus, i love his hair and fully support his hair growing's beautiful!  so full of perfect ringlets, something i used to wish for.  (oh, the hair woes of girl who had straight hair growing up!)

so, here's here's a few pictures of mike and his various hair stages...

since growing his hair out after steph and shaun's wedding, mike has only had one haircut, by steph.  (because not only is she my good friend, she's also my, by default, she cuts mike's hair too.)  it was just a little trim to even out the hair that was growing out.  and that was well over a year and a half ago.

so after three years of growing out his beautiful locks, yesterday at 4:30...he looked like this:

mike was at just paradise salon to graciously donate his 10+ inches of thick, beautiful curls to locks of love.  (cue the collective 'awwww'.)   

this has actually been a long time coming.  being a guy, having long hair had become more of a chore for mike.  there was all the washing and conditioning...not to mention dealing with how much his hair held in the heat of the summer.  (hey, i can't blame him!)  while it has been long enough to pull back for awhile, he's been talking about cutting it for just as long as he's had a ponytail.

about a year ago, when he was really getting sick of his hair in the summer, i cried recommended he grow it out long enough to donate...that way he would feel like there was an end in sight, he'd also be doing something good, but he wouldn't feel rushed.  (it's weird how we get attached to things like our hair.  but as a girl with long hair, i get it.)

as the spring and summer heat began to roll in this year, mike started talking more and more about cutting his hair.  i would always object (like it was my kid's first haircut or something!), but encouraged him to do what he wanted.  (and continued to encourage him to grow it out to donate.)

so, yesterday at 4:30 came...and quickly mike's hair went from long to four ponytails to no ponytails to buzzed...

isn't he so handsome?!  yup!  that's mah man!  (so keep your grubby hands off!  ha!)

check out the aftermath...

i, of course, love him no matter what his hair looks like...but i'm so proud of him for making the donation to locks of love.  

if you're not familiar with locks of love, it's an organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the united states and canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss due to any kind of diagnosis, from leukemia to alopecia.  (for more information on causes of hair loss, what you can do to help, or what else locks of love does, visit their website here.)  

both mike and i have been lucky to be healthy individuals with thick heads of hair.  i hope that mike's contribution makes a difference in someone's life.  i hope someone who needs it, gets a beautiful hair piece full of mike's thick, dark ringlets...that replace the hair they lost, due to some tragic diagnosis.  (i would love to donate, but locks of love requires hair that hasn't been chemically treated with bleach, i.e. highlights, which i have.  they do, however, accept donations that have been color treated, just never with bleach.  just an fyi if you're considering a donation.  unfortunately, their website doesn't include a list of participating salons, but many do, so check around if you're looking to donate!)

i know mike is happy with his new hair.  i think it's funny that his part is still showing up with his new short 'do!  i'm sure it will go away after a few washes.  i know mike is also feeling very proud of his donation to locks of love. 

but he's still surprised every time he looks in the mirror!

have you ever donated your hair to locks of love or other organization that's similar?  or have you dramatically cut your hair?  mike's co-workers are shocked at the difference.

so, there you have it.  mike got buzzed.

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