Friday, July 26, 2013

tv junkie: game show!

it's been awhile since i did a t.v. junkie post!  (long-story-short:  i love me some t.v.  when i love a show enough, i want to share it with you.  so, here we go!)

this summer came nbc's new hit game show:  hollywood game night.  if you haven't seen it yet, stop what you're doing and youtube it right now.  you'll thank me later.

hollywood game night is hosted by the ever-hilarious jane lynch (from glee, two and a half men, the l word, and countless other movies and shows).  there are two regular people competing against each other in hokey party games (like pictionary or name that tune - while only humming!).  they are armed with the assistance from three celebrities each.  think matthew perry, lisa kudrow, kristen bell, martin short, amy poehler, maya rudolph, sean hayes, and dax shepherd.  if that list of characters doesn't intice you to laugh your a$$ off, nothing will.  and the contestants win money!  (the celebs get to donate to their favorite charity.)

{image via}

these people are not only actors, but they are hilariously funny people.  

and the set designers?  they've got me drooling over that rug!

let me zoom in for ya: 

{image via}     {sorry it's so fuzzy, but you get the idea}

i lurve that rug.  and i need it in my life.

i've been trying to track down the maker, with no avail.  i even tweeted @janemarielynch and @nbcgamenight to try to get an answer.  (none yet!)

i could build an entire home's decor around that rug.  i love the colors.  i love the style.  put simply, i love it.  it's definitely my kinda perfect rug!  (see what i did there?!)

so, friends, if you stumble across the maker of this fabulous rug, please do let me know.

and in the meantime, watch the show.  you won't be sorry.  well, unless you pee your pants.  then you may be sorry.

catch hollywood game night on nbc on thursdays at 10:00pm.

disclosure:  i wasn't compensated in any way to blog about this show or its gorgeous set.  i just love the show and want the rug.  and want to welcome you to my madness.  you're welcome.


  1. ooooh i should watch it! We cancelled our cable a while ago, and just stuck with Netflix and Hulu, but now that i'm on bedrest I'm DYING for more TV. haha. As soon as we get TV back, I'm checking this out!

  2. Hi
    I found your blog because I too am in love with that rug and trying to find where it came from!!

    1. I'm loving the run too (also how I found you). If you find it, please let us all know!

  3. do you think it is
    safavieh rodeo drive rd644a?

    1. No, it is not the Safavieh Rodeo Drive, but it is a good alternative. You can even get the Rodeo Drive on Overstock for a great price. Thanks to some internet super sleuths, here it is. What confirms it is if you look, there are floral inserts that run perpendicular to the slats that look like hardwood flooring. It is $127 per square foot, which no wonder why it looks spectacular. It is entirely hand made. It is a rug that will probably outlive me, but with the price, I will probably have to pass.

    2. Thanks! I actually had another person send me that link..gorgeous! I need to put a link in this post, but I did a post more recently that shows the real rug and the real(ly) big price tag!

    3. Oh well, we can continue to dream, right, and keep buying those Powerball tickets. At least the mystery is solved. Even my husband goes crazy over the rug.


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