Friday, August 2, 2013

the rug.

you guys... seriously, i have the best readers!  over the past week, since this post about my new favorite game show, 'hollywood game night', i've received so many comments and emails!  in case you missed it or are new around these parts (welcome!), i'm 100% obsessed with the rug on that show. it's colorful, contemporary, and totally my style. the only problem: all of my internet searches came up with nada.

here's the pictures i shared last week...

{image via}

{image via}     {sorry it's so fuzzy, but you get the idea}

one thing that i deducted from all of your emails and comments? all of you agree -- the rug is fabulous.

well....guess what?  i have a new hero, laura.

late last night, i received an email, 'is this it?'

{image via}

hellyesthatistherug!!  i squealed with delight and then my delight turned to lust very quickly.  there is just one itty bitty problem: it's a tiiiiiiny bit out of my price range. (and by tiny, i mean that the rug will remain as a crush for the rest of my life because all of the sizes are comparable to buying a car.  oops.)

thanks to laura, if you have a bank account that accommodates five figure rugs, you're in luck: it's found here. it's called 'spectrum' and it is from 'the rug company'.

here, look at that gorgeous beast of a rug again.

i'm drooling.

the description on the website says it's a "contemporary hand-knotted designer rug' made of silk and wool.

my description?  me-oowwww.

at the bargain basement price of $172 per square foot, the spectrum rug will remain on my lust list for now ever, but it will also serve as inspiration for our future home.

luckily, another (anonymous) email revealed a very similar version, the 'rodeo drive' from 'safavieh (#rd644w).

{image via}

that's pretty darn gorgeous too. (i found it online for around $530 for a 9'x12.) it's good to know i'm not the only one loving these gorgeous, contemporary, color block rugs...and that there are more budget-friendly options out there!

thanks to the awesome interwebs, laura contacted me after recommending the rug to a client!  thanks for your email!  i'll be drooling over that rug for a long, long time.

so, there you go. one week later and the coveted rug is found. thanks to the rug company for making such a beautiful and inspirational rug!

happy friday!

p.s.  happy birthday to my bff today! =)

{disclosure:  i wasn't compensated in any way to blab about this rug.  i just love it, think it's gorgeous, and will dream about it for a long time.}

p.p.s.  hey hollywood game night set designers -- i'll totally take that rug off your hands when you're done shooting!  you know...if you wanna send a giant rug across the country. =)


  1. I love readers who do all my dirty work! That's so rad she found the exact rug!

  2. I stumbled on this via Bing - neither of these rugs is the one on Hollywood Game Night - the first one has a 3 dimensional second group of lines going the opposite way.

    I'm still looking for the HGN rug. . . . anyone?

    1. I'm quite sure the first one is it. It looks like each section has different texture to me. =)

  3. Check out
    Search color block rug
    Many good options
    I want the rug too

  4. Any ideas on where the side tables / stools are from?

  5. try this...

  6. I said the same thing to my husband: I HAVE to have that rug. It will go perfectly with my "Trendy Ottoman" that I HAD to have.

    The first pic is definitely the same rug, compare it to the picture on Hollywood Game Night's Facebook page:

    and look at the color patterns. Also, if you hover over the picture on The Rug Company's website you can see the stripe-variations more clearly. It's unfortunate that it's so expensive, with two huge dogs I could never justify the price even if I could afford it. {sigh}


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