Friday, September 13, 2013

friday philosophy

sometimes i come across a quote that bears some kind of significance and i want to share it with you dear readers.  sometimes it's based on where i am in life or a certain event, sometimes a quote just reminds me of a friend, or sometimes it makes me think.

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something about september is refreshing for me.  maybe it's the start of the school year (despite being out of school for, oh, 10+ years)...maybe it's the change of seasons...i don't know, but september is a time that i always feel like i'm renewing myself.

last year, in september, i joined kdr fitness.  i was unhappy with my body and i had to make a change.  this year, i'm actually not doing anything different or new, but i do feel a sense of renewal, in many ways.  with my wedding coming up next june (!!!), i gave myself until labor day to get back in the swing of things, also known as getting-my-butt-to-the-gym-four-days-a-week-and-eating-right.  so, now it's september 13th, and i'm back on track.  it feels good to have a sense of renewal and be able to create routines and set goals and actually work to achieve them.

but, today's post is actually not about me.  it's not about my fitness journey.  and it's not about my own sense of renewal.  instead, it's about a friend.

you see, i have this friend.  she's a great girl.  she's single, she's fun, but she's has had some ups and downs in the past few years.  nothing serious or life threatening, but stuff that takes a toll on you nonetheless.  (and i know, because i've had the very same ups and downs.)  i know sour relationships take a toll on your heart.  i know financial challenges take a toll on your emotions.  but i also know that these things can be overcome.  (trust me, i've done it.)

september 1st marked her first day in a new apartment.  it's not just any apartment though.  three of her friends, including myself, have lived in that apartment.  she's the fourth in a string of tenants that have used their time in that space to move forward. 

it's a fact that life throws all of us curveballs.  and this apartment is the perfect place to recover from all the dodging of said curveballs.  heck, if three of us have done it, this gal can too!

the first friend that lived in this apartment moved in at 20.  she was young and wanted some independence.  during her time in that apartment she got a kitten, rose the ranks at her job, traveled, fell in love, and eventually moved on to a larger apartment (next door) with her (then) boyfriend (now husband).  "i loved that apartment," she says. "it was the best time of my life!"

then i moved in.  i was fresh out of college, switching from a different living arrangement, and ready to take on the world.  i had a full time job, i loved going out and meeting new people, i got a kitten, and racked up my credit cards (oops.).  (i also met mike when i lived in that apartment, but i don't remember if he ever went there.)  i lived life to the fullest, but i learned a lot of lessons.  i got a second job, learned about the true responsibility of paying bills, and lived there for a couple years.  (then, when my friend and her hubby moved out next door, i moved in with a roommate.  so yeah, it was kinda like musical chairs, but with apartments.)

when #3 moved in, she was fresh off a break up.  after a couple of long-term, failed relationships, she just literally needed to be alone for a minute.  she needed to learn that she could depend on herself (something #1 and i had already done), and she needed to enjoy life, rather than feel like she was chasing it.  "that apartment probably saved my life," she told me. "i was able to re-focus and just be me."  her renewed sense of self landed her a man that has now become her husband.

now that we have this other friend that has moved into our beloved "first on-your-own" apartment, we are all overjoyed.  we want to support her, while she supports herself.  the three of us spent years in that place learning so much about ourselves, our lives, how we want to live, who we want to be around, trying to figure out this life...trying to figure out happiness.

so, to our friend: our fierce, amazing, stubborn, smart, inspiring, creative, and thoughtful friend:  here's wishing you ultimate happiness.  

we want you to succeed.
we want you to feel confident.
we want you to be independent.
we want you to learn about yourself.
we want you to be able to depend on yourself.

so, now you can forget the old.  you can move on from the past.  because the only thing that matters is the here and now.

live it up, girl!  and most importantly, let yourself be happy.  (good advice for everyone, not just my friend!)

we love you!  congratulations on joining our little club.  =) 


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