Tuesday, October 29, 2013

picture perfect

i've recently changed my tagline on my may (or may not) have noticed.

"perfection is overrated" came to mind quickly because "perfection" is never what i try to achieve in my life.  i just try to make and create things that i love and be a person i am proud of being.  hence, "my kinda perfect".

well, let me tell you, mike & i + bethany & dan photography = my kinda perfect.

i squealed with delight when my inbox indicated i had a new message yesterday:  "you're on the blog!" from bethany.  click through here to see bethany and dan's favorites from our engagement session on october 8th at clark lookout in new london, nh.

no really, click throughlook at the pretties.  i'll wait.

what do you think?

do you like them?

do you think they capture our personalities?

what was your favorite?

now go back...(here's the link again)...and make a comment.  pretty pretty please. =)

with sugar on top.

we could be eligible to win a sweet little gift if we get about 90 more comments than there are right now.  so, please go comment.  =)

and now, what you're waiting for....

more pictures!!!!

i've picked out my favorites, some are repeats of what b&d love and shared on their blog, but i wanted to share them here too.

some hikers came up to enjoy the view.  we gained a friend in this standard poodle.

a huge thank you to bethany & dan photography!  go over to their facebook page and like them or follow their blog.  bethany and dan are lovely people with an amazing vision for wedding and engagement photography.  i couldn't rave about them more!  if you're looking for fun, inspiring photographers, b&d are it! 

we had so. much. fun. doing this engagement session.  seriously, i cannot express how awesome bethany and dan are and how at-ease we felt.  that's pure happiness and uncontrolled laughter in those photos.

now, go back over to their blog and comment, will ya?

Monday, October 28, 2013

new day. new week. new contest. new plan.

today begins a new contest at kdr fitness:  d2s.  (a.k.a. "drop two sizes".)

in order to get myself in fighting shape wedding ready, i'm taking every extra opportunity i can to drop a few pounds.  i had really thought since getting engaged that i was on the healthy train -- tracking foods, check!  going to the gym 4-5x per week, check!  making good choices, check!

but it turns out, i was on the healthy train...but i was no where near the conductor.  i was more like hanging onto the caboose with with all the effort i felt i could muster.

and that, apparently, was not enough effort.

i whined.  i complained.  i hated that my efforts (while they seemed honest and 100%) were taking me no where.  

so after a couple of frustrating days/workouts/emails with my coaches, i took this weekend to do two things.

1.  not overthink/stress/obsess over my lack of progress, the food i was eating, working out, making good choices, using my food journal, etc.  i just allowed myself to do my best for one day without it consuming every moment or thought that popped in my head. 

2.  plan out meals/buy food/prep & cook food.  i spent a couple hours deciding what i wanted to eat for dinner that would be suitable for lunch for 3-4 days during the week.  i also planned out exactly what snacks add up to the proper calories (for me ~350 per meal is key) and how to get enough protein in per day (for me ~200g protein per day) each day.  then i shopped, prepped, and cooked my food.

and you know what?  i had quite an enjoyable weekend.  two days, quite different in nature and attitude, and it all turned out just the way i need it to.

this was my saturday:  i woke up, had a protein shake and a banana, went to the gym for bootcamp, headed home to shower and have more food (another shake and an apple), then headed to a hair appointment.  mike and i enjoyed omelets for lunch after i got home with my purdy new hair and then we ran a couple errands before i had a girls' night with 4 of my friends.  i enjoyed a bun-less burger and some delicious veggies.  (i did splurge with a couple beers, too.)  it was a really enjoyable day.  i had decided to stop stressing and overthinking, and i ended up making good choices.  (other than the beer.)

sunday was a different was also enjoyable, but it was different.  it was enjoyable because i felt like i accomplished something important for myself.  by planning so literally every calorie, every gram of protein, what i will eat at each of my twenty five meals this week (monday-friday), i feel a sense of relief.  it took time to count out the calories and make sure i could sneak in an extra serving of protein (most often with a shake) if i need it.

so, here's the plan.  most everything i have set, except for a couple of items i will pick up on thursday (like fresh fish -- it should be picked up the day of, not 4 days in advance!).

(please keep in mind that this is my plan.  i've been given a caloric goal (per day and per meal) and a protein goal (in grams) and this is how i'm making it happen for me.  if you're looking to lose weight or get healthier, you should definitely consult a doctor and fitness/nutrition professionals to guide you properly, as i have done.)

1.  cottage cheese (1 cup) + strawberries (1 cup) + almonds (100 cal pack) = 380 cal/30g prot
2.  protein shake + apple = 350 cal/60g prot
3.  sausage (1 link) + peppers and onions roasted with olive oil (1 cup) + mustard = 360 cal/14g prot
4.  protein shake + carrots (8) + cucumber (six 4" spears) + french onion dip (2T made with greek yogurt) = 350 cal/70g prot
5.  blt burger lettuce wraps (2, each has 1/2 beef patty, 1 piece bacon, tomato slice, mayo, wrapped in lettuce...recipe coming soon!) = 375 cal/26g prot
................................................................................................................daily totals:  1,815 calories/200g protein

tuesday  (workout day -- 7am total part time job in evening)
1.  protein shake + apple = 350 cal/60g prot
2.  protein shake + banana = 385 cal/60g prot
3.  sausage + peppers + onions + mustard (same as monday) = 360 cal/14g prot
4.  cottage cheese + strawberries + almonds = 380 cal/30g prot
5.  protein shake + carrots + cucumbers + french onion dip = 350 cal/70g prot
................................................................................................................daily totals:  1,825 calories/234g protein

wednesday  (workout day -- 7am wod)
1.  protein shake + banana = 385 cal/60g prot
2.  cottage cheese + strawberries + almonds = 380 cal/30g prot
3.  sausage + peppers + onions + mustard = 360 cal/14g prot
4.  protein shake + apple = 350 cal/60g prot
5.  taco salad (1/2 c. taco seasoned beef, 1/4 c. guacamole, lettuce, tomato, 2T sour cream, 2T cheddar cheese) = 390 cal/35g prot
...............................................................................................................daily totals:  1,865 calories/199g protein

thursday  (workout day -- 7am total body)
1.  protein shake + apple = 350 cal/60g prot
2.  protein shake + banana = 385 cal/60g prot
3.  sausage + peppers + onions + mustard = 360 cal/14g protein
4.  cottage cheese + strawberries + almonds = 340 cal/30g prot
5.  tilapia + baked parmesan tomatoes + green beans with butter = 340 cal/34g prot
................................................................................................................daily totals:  1,775 calories/198g protein

friday  (workout day -- 5:30pm total part time job in evening after workout)
1.  cottage cheese + canteloupe + almonds = 340 cal/30g prot
2.  protein shake + banana = 385 cal/60g prot
3.  tilapia + baked parmesan tomatoes + green beans with butter = 340 cal/34g prot
4.  protein shake + carrots + cucumber+ french onion dip = 350 cal/70g prot
5.  protein shake + apple = 350 cal/60g prot
................................................................................................................daily totals:  1,765 calories/254g protein

i do not have a solid plan in place for saturday or sunday yet (as i'm doing another small grocery shopping trip on thursday), but it will go a little like this:

saturday.  wake up, protein shake + apple, bootcamp.  home, shower, protein shake + banana, d2s accountability meeting.  omelets, chores & errands.  engagement party (also read as:  try not to suck myself into cheatfest 2013)

sunday.  wake up, protein pancakes, dvr catchup.  help parents with lake stuff, food planning, football.  food shopping/prepping/cooking.  relaxing.

so i think that's a pretty decent plan.  especially for my first week.  it's day one and i'm already feeling less stressed about eating/planning/cooking/shopping for food because it's already done!  by spending a couple hours one day thinking and planning, the rest of my week can be spent enjoying those planning efforts.  trust me, i believe it's worth it and may potentially be the difference in me losing two pants sizes and not.

this is an 8 week challenge to drop 2 sizes.  i'm shopping for jeans tonight.  and just because i can, i'm buying pants 2 sizes smaller...and another pair that's 3 sizes smaller.

 because i mean business!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


i'm a patriots fan.  i love football.  and i was a tiny bit really freakin' excited that the patriots stole the W right out from under the saints on sunday.

almost as excited as the radio announcers bob socci and scott zolak from 98.5 the sports hub.

take a listen.  

i've now bookmarked that to listen to when i'm in a bad mood.

unicorns!  show ponies!  where's the beef?!

i die.

happy tuesday.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

i don't like shopping

whoa.  wait, what?!?!  

i know that's what most of you are saying.  it's not that i hate shopping, it's that i just don't like spending money.  (yup, i'm a cheapster.)

now, this post might not knock your socks off or be news that is new...but it will help your shopping budget, particularly online.  trust me, your wallet will thank me.

so, like i said, i don't like spending money.  part of it is that i've been frivolous with money in my past (hello credit card debt!), and the other part is that i've learned a lot of financial lessons that include cutting off all unnecessary spending.  for months i cut back.  no buying coffee at dunkin donuts. (my waistline probably thanked me more than my wallet.)  no buying expensive items at the grocery store. (temporarily cutting off nice cuts of steak and name brand extras.)  no shopping for clothes.  or shoes.  or purses.  no more online shopping sprees.

but, since my 'cut back' was lifted (slightly), i've found myself being excrutiatingly careful with the dollars i do spend.  and i do spend money on stuff.  old navy?  i love their bargans and casual, comfy clothes.  jo-ann?  i love crafting!  food?  yup, i still eat! =)

so, how do i try to save as many pennies as i can?  here's the *big* secret:

{image via}
seriously, anytime you're ordering anything (i mean a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.) online, go to retail me not and you will almost always find at least 10% off your order.  i even use it for work.  just last week i had to place an order for some heavy stuff, and with the 10% off coupon code i found on retail me not, the savings paid for the shipping!

so, while i don't like shopping, i do like saving.  and retail me not is a great way to $ave! =)

this post was in no way sponsored by retail me not.  i just like their website, find the savings to be fabulous, and wanted to share the knowledge with my awesome readers.

Friday, October 4, 2013

friday philosophy

sometimes i come across a quote that bears some kind of significance and i want to share it with you dear readers.  sometimes it's based on where i am in life or a certain event, sometimes a quote just reminds me of a friend, or sometimes it makes me think.

{image via}

i'm never quite ready to let go of summer...but i do like the beauty of fall in new england.

there's something about the first weekend in october in new hampshire that makes it special.  the colors of the leaves, the hillsides that look like paintings, the cool and crisp air, the delicious apples, the pumpkin spice lattes...i could go on.

i'm looking forward to enjoying this fall foliage weekend and exploring the spot to have our engagement photos taken.  keep your fingers crossed that we don't have rain next week!

happy friday!  enjoy your weekend!

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