Wednesday, December 31, 2014

day thirty

i did it!  i made it through 30 days!!!!!

now, i've told you my thoughts, goals, and some of my progress...and while hearing about my thoughts on this cleanse and how i'm feeling, the progress is really what we all want to know, amiright?

so, here it goes...what the numbers say for the entire 30 days:

weight:  -12.6 lbs
neck:  no change (but it looks thinner)
upper arms:  -1.5 inches
chest:  -5 inches
diaphragm:  -3.25 inches
waist:  -5 inches
abdomen:  -4.75 inches
buttocks:  -1.5 inches
upper thighs:  -1 inch
calves:  -1 inch
upper knees:  +1.5 inches

total inches lost (in 30 days!):  36.5

so...i'm hopping back on for another thirty days....who wants to try it out?  just email me here and i'll answer your questions and get you all signed up!

don't wait to change your life.  start today.  **real time update below**

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**real time update**

since completing my first 30 days, i jumped back on for another 30, but did not focus on weight loss for this month of thanksgiving, indulging, christmas, indulging, and indulging.  in fact, while i indulged far more than i planned, i maintained my weight.  so, yeah, that last stupid five pounds?  still got it.  but, i'm already back to being 100% committed to reaching my goals -- i'm back on the program and consistently back at the gym.

new goals will be posted in a few days.  because remember, 2015 = fearless. =)

2015 word of the year

it's hard to believe this year is coming to a close.  2014 was a big year for me...i got to marry my best friend!!!  leading up to our wedding, my heart and soul were so full of excitement and anticipation of our special day.  and every single day i remembered my word of the year:  love.  

after over six years of loving each other, we took the opportunity to share our love with our family and friends...right in front of them as we took our vows.  and if you haven't figured it out yet by now, our wedding was definitely the highlight of our year.  to be surrounded by the people most special to us, on the most beautiful day of the year, and expressing our emotions through the most thoughtful, most "us" ceremony...that is love.

my eyes still fill with tears and my heart wants to explode with gratitude for the support, encouragement, love, and generosity of all of our loved ones.  dang 2014, you were so good to us.

so that brings me to 2015...since it's, oh right, tomorrow.

i've been searching for a word to fully describe my feeling for this year ahead...for my goals and my dreams...and how one word might help guide me through the year, reminding me through its simplicity, of what i want 2015 to be.

what have i chosen for my 2015 word of the year?

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if you've been following along for awhile, or really any amount of time in the last couple years, you'll know that i am on a weight loss journey.  it's been long and it's been challenging.  sometimes i wonder if i will ever reach my goals.  and then sometimes i think i might actually be afraid to.

weird, i know.

i recently did some reading on being afraid of failure, being afraid of success, and i've also read some on self-sabotage, which i think i'm guilty of all three.  so, for 2015, i'm going to remember that there is nothing to be fearful of.  

if i want to succeed at my goals, i just need to work for them.

if i don't want to fail at my goals, i just need to work harder to succeed.

and damnit, why don't i just stop getting in my own way?

so, for 2015, i'm throwing caution to the wind and am trying to remember what life was like 25 years ago and how that can help me now.  because as an 8 year old, i was fearless.  

i would hold the massive boa constrictor at the montshire museum, while my (scared to death of snakes) mom would look on from the furthest corner of the room (as close to the exit as possible).  

i would be the one running up the loads of steps to get to the tallest water slide at water country.  

i even tried octopus when i was in third grade!  (i liked it!)

there was very little that i was afraid of at age 8...if anything.  and i don't know how i got so fearful as i've matured and aged.  i'm only 33, but i've created fear in my own mind.  and it's high time i turn that bus around.

i'm terrified of getting injured.  i'm terrified of requiring surgery.  i'm terrified of childbirth.  i'm terrified of gaining weight.  i'm terrified of having loose skin if i lose too much weight.  and i'm terrified of losing those i love dearest.

two of those i think are reasonable fears:  childbirth -- i mean, that's gonna hurt, despite knowing the outcome is more than worth the pain; and losing those i love dearest -- which is completely out of my control, so i should come to peace with it.

everything else?  fearless.

i'm fearlessly committing to me.  to go to the gym.  to give it all i've got.  to eat right and indulge occasionally.  to make progress on my goals.  to smash my goals.  to make new goals.  and smash them too.  

i'm fearlessly saying yes to things i might have otherwise been to afraid of:  things like zip-lining and ropes courses.

and, to reward myself when i succeed at these things.  mani/pedi?  heck yes!  massage... duh!  new clothes?  they'll be necessary.

so i'm heading fearlessly into 2015 knowing that while 2014 was the best year yet, next year can only improve.  

i will fearlessly love my husband, parents, family, and friends.

i will fearlessly excel at my job(s).

i will fearlessly try new things.

i will fearlessly give of myself to others.

i will fearlessly give to myself what i need:  motivation, encouragement, and love.

in 2015, i will be fearless.

day twenty-nine

today my shipment for the second 30 day cleanse arrived...and am i pumped or what?!?!!??!

i'm so looking forward to continuing this journey.  

when i first joined kdr fitness in september of 2012, i wanted to lose weight and get healthier.  and funny, those things are still true.  i'm wearing clothes that are 3-4 sizes smaller than i used to, despite the fact that i've only lost about 30 pounds in two years.  now, don't get me wrong!  i'm wicked proud of my accomplishments and how far i've come.

but, i need to be more consistent...which is why i love the 30 day cleanse.  i get to still be creative in the kitchen and try new recipes, but i can't get all willy-nilly with snacks and calories because the program is so specific.

i should probably set a goal or two for my second thirty days...

1.  buy a new kitchen tool.

i'd like to have one of those gadgets that make noodles out of zucchini or squash.  i'm not a crazy pasta person who feels totally out of control without macaroni or spaghetti.  but, it is a convenient vessel for protein and sauce...and when it's made out of veggies -- you're getting your veggies!  this probably seems like a funny "goal" to have, but it's easy for me to get stuck in a rut with foods and meals i enjoy or know how to prepare, so i'm challenging myself in the kitchen!  **real time** update:  instead of purchasing this item, i put it on my christmas list.  santa (ahem-my-awesome-mother-in-law-ahem) brought me one!  i'm very excited to use it!

2.  body weight deadlift.

this one's scary.  i never make proclamations about specific weight lifting goals.  but, this one actually seems like something i could accomplish, or get close to and continue to work towards.  (**real time** update:  this one has been wicked hard for me.  so, it's definitely still a goal...i'm just working at it slowly and making sure i don't injure myself in the process!)

right now, using the "beast", similar bar set-up shown below, i have lifted as much as 135.  (remember this post is a month old, so i could be well on my way to getting to my body weight!)  i figure if i consistently add 10-20 pounds per session, i could reach the coveted body weight deadlift by the end of the year...but even if i don't get there by then, i'm still keeping it as a goal to work towards.

image via amazon

now, i'm not someone with lofty powerlifting goals or someone who wants to compete with others.  mostly because while i can be competitive, i'm also a perfectionist, so if i don't do my best, then i'm certainly not competing with others who potentially could be doing their best.  it would be setting myself up for failure head games.  and i don't like head games.

instead, i'm going to work toward completing my own body weight deadlift.  just because i want to.  and i'm hoping my body weight goes down some more so it will be just that much easier to reach! =)


have you set any goals lately?  any goals that would be scary to put out there on the internet?

are you interested in checking out this 30 day cleanse?  i can't wait to share my results tomorrow!  i've been holding off on measuring myself, but i know i'm smaller.  if you're interested, just let me know!  =)

hold results will be in my next post! =)

Monday, December 29, 2014

day twenty-eight

four weeks down...and i've almost completed my thirty days!!!!  woohoo!!!

and i'm jumping right back on to do it again.

why?  there are a few reasons...

1.  i like it.

i like the program...two shakes and one meal per day plus snacks.  it's easy for me to work it into my routine.

2.  i feel good.

i have so much more energy and feel more focused.  my workouts have gone great -- 4-5 times per week all while steadily increasing my weights.  #badass

3.  i'm not over-thinking food.

this is a huge one for me.  i love food.  there's no two ways about it...i love it.  and when i eat a meal, whether it's breakfast at home or lunch at work or dinner out, i want it to all be delicious.  but trying to plan for a week full of 35-ish meals is overwhelming.  when you replace a couple meals a day with protein shakes, there's less guess-work about the nutrients and calories, and it makes you really enjoy the meals that you do eat.  

and i simply cannot eat a meal that i don't like.  and why should i have to?  that's the thing!  i don't think i should.  the only problem with eating delicious food at every meal?  you tend to over-eat (at least i do)...even if it's healthy.  so by limiting myself to only one meal per day, i actually don't feel limited...even if that sounds weird.  i feel like i've given myself the program to succeed at my goals all while giving myself a choice of what my meal will be.  

4.  it's like re-setting my body

during the last four weeks, my body and how i feel has completely changed.  i have more energy and focus, but i'm not a completely different person.  over the course of the last four weeks, while i've stuck to it, i've strayed a little.  i had some wine.  i indulged in a dessert or two.  but -- in just a couple days i'm jumping back on the program with full force.  i've got a little less than five pounds to lose by the end of the year...but why not try to do that by thanksgiving or the end of the month?!

once again, if you have any questions about the 30 day cleanse and want to try it out, let me know!  everyone, even you, can release unwanted pounds of fat from your body.  it just takes a little bit of commitment and i'll be here to cheer you on! =)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

day twenty-seven

weekends are hardest for me.  and today was no different.  i love having lazy sundays, but lazy sundays turn to cravings and indulging in bad food.  today i kept it to a minimum, but i definitely didn't drink enough water.

during the week at work i have a system that has worked well for me.  i have a one gallon water jug that i fill up every morning from our filtered water sink.  the rule is that i must finish the gallon by the time i leave work.  i only failed one day during my 27 days so far, but i made up for it with the water i drank during my workout and at home that evening.

luckily, this has been one of the easiest things to get into my routine...except on the weekends.  i need to have a gallon jug at home and do the same thing there.

are there any tricks or tips that have helped you make progress in your journey?  i'd love to hear about them!

day twenty-six

the last weekend of my first 30 days.  i can hardly believe it.  when i finally said 'yes' to my friend laura i was ready to commit, but i didn't realize how it would affect me.

the first couple days were kinda hard.  not unbearable, but challenging.  the first cleanse was rough, but because i was committed and understood it's a process, i stayed strong.

and now, all of a sudden, it's almost over.

i've been doing a great job at the gym...working hard, even when i don't really want to.  there's also be a burpee challenge at the gym.  30 burpees a day for 30 days.  i'm in the lead with 18 days (out of 25 so far).  that's 540 burpees guys.  which is no joke.  i'm definitely getting better at them too.  at first, i started off in increments of 5.  now my first 10 get done pretty quick.  i still take a 2-3 breaks during the burpees just to catch my breath, but most of the time i'm doing 10 at a time.  sometimes i even impress myself!

what have you been up to for the last 26 days?  have you thought about jumping on a weight-loss journey?  maybe you're thinking of waiting until the new year...why not start now?  if you're interested in trying this 30 day cleanse, email me! =)

Monday, December 22, 2014

day twenty-five

i'm at the point now where i really wanna weigh myself, but i'm going to wait.  on day 30 i will also be taking measurements, which i think speaks volumes more than weight loss about the progress a person has made.

i know i've lost inches as my clothes are fitting so much looser.  and i'm fairly certain i've lost more weight.

i'm looking forward to hopping on the program again just to keep myself in check through the holiday season.

will i splurge?  of course!

will i have dessert?  you betcha!

will i have a glass (or three) of wine?  i don't need to answer that.

but, i know that because of how regimented the program is, i can take a step or two off-course and not throw my entire weight loss journey into the toilet.  by staying compliant and following the two shakes, snacks, and one 400-600 calorie meal a day, i'll be setting myself up to not over-indulge.  by limiting my exposure to my weaknesses (sweets and wine) the majority of the time, not only will i be craving these things less anyway because i'm continuing to re-set my body's cravings, but i'm also setting myself up not to completely pig out on cookies and candy and brownies (oh my!).

you follow?

it's all about the mindset.  

feel free to email me if you have any questions about the program or how to get on it if you want to try out the 30 day cleanse!  i'm at the point in the 30 days where i can say i definitely recommend these products and encourage anyone who wants to rid their body of toxins to try this cleanse.  (it's not a colon-cleansing program, so if you're fearful of how often you'll have to go to the bathroom, don't worry!  it's not like that!  i swear!)  and since you've been reading all these posts, which i purposefully wrote ahead of time but saved until the program was over to publish, you know i recommend it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading any of this...definitely not day twenty-five!

anyway, if you wanna hop on board, let me know! =)

Friday, December 19, 2014

day twenty-four

today went great.  as far as the program goes, i kinda slacked after 4:00pm and it's 100% due to improper planning.  

today was the big unveiling of the time capsule that was "buried" in the space ship reading area in my elementary school's library.  i've known about it for weeks, and was even on the committee that planned and executed the event.  (it was a success!  i'll post about it soon!)

the only problem was i didn't plan out my eating plan for the after-work hours of the day.  i left work and went right to the school to put together some photo posters and prepare for the arrival of current and former students, teachers, parents, and members of the community.  and funny, wouldn't you know, i got hungry right around the time the event started!  luckily, the PTO did a great job of providing refreshments, including a veggie platter, so i went to town on some broccoli, cauliflower, and red peppers.  was it a great meal?  no, definitely not enough protein, but it was enough to keep me from getting hangry.  and, by the time i got home, i was exhausted and pretty much went right to bed.

so, after yesterday's lesson of "always, always listen to your body" i've got another one for today:  plan ahead!  but -- if you fail to, just do your best and move on.  

i'm certainly not going to beat myself up over having a plate of raw veggies and a little dip for dinner, but i know i can do better.

so today i was especially glad that i added some protein bars to my order (of another 30 day cleanse program), because then i can pop one in my purse for occasions like today when i don't plan ahead!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

day twenty-three

i've been really enjoying this program so far!  i'm impressed i've made it to day 23 without giving up or cheating in a major way.

i have, however, noticed that on workout days, i need to consume some more calories in order to have enough energy to get through the workout.  i renewed my 30 day program but added some of the protein bars too so i'll have something on-hand that will be able to provide me with the right protein and nutrients to keep kicking @$$ at the gym.

today was one of those days.  i had my supplements in the morning, my morning shake, lunch, almonds in the afternoon, but by the time i got home to change to go to the gym, i just knew i needed more food.  i didn't have any great choices, so i just ate a "protein" granola bar that was in the cupboard.  it held over my hunger pangs, but i didn't have the extra drive to kill my workout.  so, now i know, i need more (good) food to fuel my body.

lesson:  always, always listen to your body.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

day twenty-two

day twenty-two was a great day.  i woke up ready to start the day.

everything was pretty average, but after i left work i went to the gym and had a great workout.  i didn't have a coach today, so i was on my own.  (not to be confused with being unsupervised...there were coaches there, just not coaching me.  i was in no danger of getting injured!)

i got started with my foam rolling, stretching, and warm up exercises, and there was a energy at the gym that you could just feel.  it was a positive, motivating energy as person after person entered the gym.  and people just kept coming!  it was awesome.

a new contest just started at the gym -- t42, short for 'transform in 42 days'.  we had almost 20 non-members join the contest, which is amazing.  it takes a lot of guts to join a contest or a gym...and to join a contest at a gym that you're not even a member of (yet!) is so inspiring.

while i was working out there was a class going on, which is what all the people had shown up for.  there were probably close to twenty people in the class and sweating along with them kept me motivated.  i added a set to all of my exercises and increased my weights on my beast deadlift.  i'm not breaking any records lifting 125 lbs, but that's still 30 more pounds than i started the program with -- 9 days ago!  i'll be doing that day's program again on friday, so i'll be increasing to 135!  #beastmode

i know i've told you before, but i really want to emphasize how important having a quality gym to go to really is.  going to the gym for most people is a chore, and some days it is for me too.  but that's based on my mood before i enter the doors at kdr fitness.  and then i walk in and am greeted by friendly faces -- both friends and coaches -- and everything changes.  the energy in our gym is always positive.  members are always cheering on other members -- whether it's to finish a tough workout or eek out on last squat.  and for me, that makes all the difference in the world.

working out, in and of itself, is a chore.  literally -- it's taxing on your body (a.k.a. soreness), it takes time out of your already hectic schedule, and it's exhausting work.  BUT -- if you can work out in the proper environment, working out becomes so much less of a chore.  

i challenge anyone who wants to start a fitness journey to check out their local gyms and see what makes each one different.  whether you choose to go to a 'big box' gym or try out a gym that someone just started in their garage...go with your gut.  but, i will say this... if you want personal attention, you probably don't want a big box gym.  if you want to learn the why's and how's of working out and nutrition, you probably don't want a big box gym.  but if you want to work out with a community of like-minded, working-to-get-healthier, lifting-to-get-stronger, eating-to-perform kind of're probably gonna want to go with the gym that started out in a garage.  like kdr fitness.  (no kidding, they started in a garage.)

if you ever have any questions about my fitness and weight loss journey or want to learn about the 30 day program i'm following, just email me! =)

day twenty-one

wow, three weeks has passed already.  who knew it could be this easy?

i'm reminded of the quote "a year from now you'll wish you had started today."  since the time will pass anyway...why not try to work a little harder to reach your goals?

there have been hours, days, weeks, months, even years, that i have felt shitty.  i either felt fat or unhealthy or like i couldn't do something.

but -- you can always do something.

so today, on this lovely three week mark, while i'm happy i started this three weeks ago...

why didn't i start three months ago???

that's what i want to keep asking people who are interested in the program, but apprehensive.  do you want to make a change?  then make it!

it's truly that simple.

whether you're about to embark on a fitness journey...or start your own business...or quit your job...or any other scary / intimidating change -- just do it.  

you'll never regret taking a chance on yourself.

you'll never regret investing in yourself.

and i know you'll never, ever regret improving yourself.

so...why wait?  get on board today! =)  email me if you want more info.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

day twenty

i'm so impressed that i've made it this far.  but truthfully, i feel great, so i'm not surprised that i've made it this far.

and, the more i think about it, the more i'm liking the idea of hopping back on the 30 day program again when i'm done with this one.  i might give myself a day or two (and a bottle of wine), but following this plan is terrific.  and while i'm looking ahead to the holiday season -- with parties and gatherings galore -- it sounds like a great idea to me to try to be 80-90% compliant with the program and give myself a little leeway for those special events so i'll be able to enjoy a glass (or three) of wine or a cookie or a piece of pie and know i'm not totally throwing myself off my game.  i think having the cleansing days thrown in there will help me too...especially if i have a particularly non-compliant meal or day.  

hey, i'm being honest!  it's the holiday season for goodness sake.  in the last couple years, i've either maintained or lost weight during the holidays, so i know i can do this.

(not without the wine though!)

i've also started making out my christmas list.  this year i'm hoping for some workout stuff for home -- a 16kg kettlebell (so i can do swings at home!), a resistance band (for many exercises, including aiding my pull-ups on mike's pull-up bar), and one of the new fitbit charge hr.  i've used a heart rate monitor before -- one of the traditional ones with a band that goes around your torso and you wear a watch-like monitor.  it just hasn't worked for me.  i simply cannot get the thing to work through an entire workout.  so i gave up on it.  but i want one to help track my hard work!

so...what's on your christmas list?  wanna try a 30 day cleanse?  if you're interested in learning more about the products i'm using and how you can too, just email me!

day nineteen

the weekend!!!

i love it....i get to relax and see friends and hang out with my husband.

and i hate it....because it's so easy to get off track!

but i really did fine.  i'm really enjoying the shakes, especially when i use my nutribullet with some ice and a scoop of peanut butter (teddie's all natural, of course).

mike and i went out to eat twice this weekend, which hasn't happened in awhile.  i had delicious salads -- one i must recommend.  the spicy thai shrimp salad from applebee's is delicious.  spicy shrimp over greens, cabbage, shredded carrots, edamame, sliced almonds, and thai peanut yummy.

one thing about going out to eat that is challenging is that there are many, many choices...most of which are choices you should not make.  either the portion is too large or it contains too many foods that are not smart choices.  luckily, i love salads.  now, don't get me wrong, i'm fully aware that you can make a salad a very unhealthy choice if you aren't careful.  but usually, i'm a fan of a simple salad with some delicious protein and some kind of vinaigrette.  i'm sure the thai peanut dressing at applebee's wasn't the healthiest dressing, but the entire salad was 390 calories, so i don't feel bad.  it was yummy.  plus, mike had double crunch fried shrimp, so i'm certain i made the better choice. 

what about you?  is it hard to make good choices when you eat at a restaurant?

Friday, December 12, 2014

day eighteen

day two of the cleanse means i'm over the hump!

yesterday truly went great.  was i hungry?  yes.  but i was always able to curb my appetite with water, tea, and the approved snacks (like the yummy chocolates!).  i even did a workout at home with my 20 lb dumbbells.  some people think of cleanse days as 'shred days', where they can really go into beast mode during their workouts.  i wanted to do something, but i didn't want to overdo it, so i did a rotation of lateral lunges, goblet squats, bent over rows, and overhead presses for about 25 minutes.  i threw in 30 burpees too because there's a 30-burpees-a-day-for-30-days challenge at the gym.  i certainly wasn't sweating like i do at the gym, but i did exert energy and felt happy i had done something. 

today went much like yesterday, but instead of going home after work for a workout, i went to my part time job.  it's nice to stay busy on cleanse days because then there is less time to focus on the fact that you're actually not eating much physical food.

i'm looking forward to tomorrow and having my shake.  i think when i wake up i'll treat myself to a frozen shake in my nutribullet with a scoop of peanut butter!  that is just so yummy and i'm definitely looking forward to it.  i'm also looking forward to ordering some vanilla protein to be able to mix with coconut water and pineapple.  

okay, now i've just tortured myself on cleanse day by thinking of a bunch of different (and delicous) ways to make a shake!

i'll stop now.  

but, you know what i've been thinking?  i was planning to follow the whole30 program once my 30 days is up, but i'm contemplating doing this 30 day program again!  if i repeat the cleanse again, it will end the week before christmas...which i think is a good thing!  i'll set myself up for success throughout the holiday season.  there will be cookies and cake and candy galore, and while i love all of those things, i love the thought of reaching my goals more!

originally, my goal was to lose 17 pounds by the end of the year.  i've already lost over half of that.  why not keep going?

so, that's where i'm headed.  down the road of more shakes and cleanse days.  and lots of sweating.  and grunting.  (only because i'll be kicking so much @$$!!)

if you're interested in learning more about the 30 day program, let me know!  i'll answer any of your questions and if you want to join, i'll totally help coach you through it.  because you can do it.  you just have to start!

it's hard...but remember:  a year from now you'll wish you started today.

bring on the weekend!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

day seventeen

aaaahhhh, the first day of my second two-day cleanse.  i can do this!

i woke up ready to get up, which is always a good thing.  as much as i love sleeping and snuggling in our cozy bed, waking up feeling ready for the day is such a blessing.  some days waking up to the alarm going off is rough, so i'll relish in the days when i've definitely had enough sleep because my body felt good enough to wake up without the alarm.

i started my day with my first serving of the cleanse "juice".  the first time i ever had the cleanse liquid, i wasn't exactly excited to drink it.  it tasted like a highly concentrated mixed fruit juice...and while the flavor hasn't changed, i found it much more tolerable today.  maybe it's because i woke up hungry, so i was looking forward to getting some nutrients into my body.  or maybe my taste buds have changed enough that it didn't taste so dramatically strange, like it did the first time.

i prepared the rest of cleanse day (for while i'm at work) -- two more servings of cleansing juice, the recommended snacks, and one serving of the daily liquid supplement.  

i know what you're thinking..."that's all you eat on cleanse days?"  

well, the short answer is no, because that doesn't include what i'll consume at home after work.  

but, the long answer is,'s a cleanse day, so you are ingesting the cleanse "juice", which is chock full of vitamins, nutrients, herbs, and botanicals that serve several purposes:  protects cells and vital organs from aging, encourages safe weight loss, boosts mental and physical performance, and supports detoxification and protects against toxins.  you're also enjoying the recommended snacks (including the green tea-infused chocolates, that are delicious), and you have the freedom to listen to your body, which is probably the most important part of the cleanse.  if you feel your blood-sugar drop, you should listen to your body and eat something -- it is recommended to have a quarter to a half an apple or pear.  

are the cleanse days hard?  yes and no.  we are conditioned to eat solid food throughout the day, so that aspect is hard.  plus, i enjoy eating because i like yes, it's challenging.  but, when you have goals in mind and you know these 48 hours will contribute hugely to those goals, you suck it up and make it happen.  at least that's what i do!  i've decided it's more important for me to work hard and reach my goals than be lazy and enjoy too much food.

last night when i was at my bff's house, we were chatting about the program, and i was trying to explain why i liked it so much.  i was telling her how it's actually been easy to switch to having two shakes a day and one meal per day, especially because i'm really enjoying that one meal.  i've told you before and i'll tell you again:  i love eating delicious food.  and for me, it's really easy to love eating delicious food at every meal.

now let me switch gears for a minute (i'll come back to my point)... i have a friend from the gym who is one awesome badass girl.  a couple years ago she joined kdr fitness, shed over 30 pounds of fat, and is now a fitness competitor.  her regimen is so strict, especially in the weeks before a show, that i cannot even imagine following her program.  (it's quite remarkable to watch her!)  but, she eats to perform.  (don't worry, she indulges too!  just after the show!)  the week before a show, her preparations are intense and her meals are the most unappetizing things ever (imo) for the three days leading up to the show.  boiled chicken breast.  and that's it.

let that soak in for a minute.  boiled chicken breast.  several times a day.

is that extreme?  perhaps, but you should see her body!  she has worked extremely (and excruciatingly) hard to make the progress she has made.  and she is truly amazing.  she is a beautiful soul that truly shines on stage...and her high placements in these competitions prove she is doing something right!  so, if in the days before a show she needs to eat only boiled chicken breast in order to perform at her optimum, that's what she does.  i commend her commitment because i don't think i could do that. 

so, back to my two shakes and one meal a day.  doesn't it sound heavenly now?  you get to have two (pretty tasty) shakes and one delicious meal (plus snacks)...every day.  so, trying to explain why i like the program so much was easy when i compare it to my friend's strict pre-show regimen.  i get to enjoy one meal a day...not two, three, or four meals.  and i think that's my point.  i'm not very good at the "eat to perform" mentality.  i do my best to make the best, most compliant choices i can every day...but ultimately, i want to always enjoy the food i put in my mouth.  so, if i'm eating 3, 4, or 5 meals a day...i will want to enjoy those meals...which eventually turns into too much indulging or too many calories or both.  so, having one meal a day where i get really enjoy it...well, that works for me.  and it sounds a lot better to me than boiled chicken.

i have spent so much less time focusing on the food i eat because i'm eating so much less.  i'm still consuming the proper calories, i'm still getting enough protein, but i'm also definitely not over-eating.  

i hope that makes sense.  i think if you have a history of over-eating or binge-eating, this will resonate with you.  has it been challenging?  maybe a little...but i'm 100% committed to this program and reaching my goals, so really, it's been a breath of fresh air.  because i can do this.

so can you!

if you're interested in asking me about the program, email me!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

day sixteen

today was one of the rougher days throughout the work day.  i had a lingering headache that just would. not. quit.  maybe my head really knows tomorrow and the next day are going to be challenging with the cleanse.  but -- i can do it!  i did it a couple weeks ago, and i'll do it again.

like most wednesdays, today i had dinner plans with my bff.  we (and our husbands) get together and have mexican...and it's always delicious.  taco, taco salad, enchiladas...give it to me.  i love it all.  mexican flavors just speak my flavor language.  so, that taco salad was probably the highlight of my day.  especially as my last meal before two days without a solid meal.

i'm looking forward to flushing the toxins out of my body and keeping my weight loss momentum going.  many people like to work out on cleanse days, but i think i'm going to take it easy.  i might do a short at home workout tomorrow (thursday), but since i'll be going to the gym on day 18 (saturday), i'll probably just take a rest on friday.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

day fifteen

these shake days are seriously getting easy.  looking ahead, i'm doing two more cleanse days on day 17 and 18, so the end of the week is gonna be rough.  i don't care for the cleanse days, but i do care for the results!  

overall, today was good!  i had another great sweat session at the gym and it felt like a productive day overall.  i worked, went to the gym, worked at my part time job, ran errands with my husband (calling mike my husband will never get old!), and relaxed for a bit before going to bed.

with the recent time change it's been easier for me to go to bed early, which makes waking up even easier.  i know the supplements i'm taking as well as the routine i'm following are really helping me get a better night's sleep...because i can feel it.  i feel so much better.

so...this is the halfway mark.  bring on next half! =)

day fourteen

i'm still a little in awe of the progress that i've made.  i know it's a direct result of my efforts, but that hasn't always been the case.

there have been days, even weeks, that i've committed to going to the gym 4-5 times a week and have followed a nutrition plan, and i just haven't lost many pounds or inches.  but something about this 30 day cleanse really works.  i think being in the proper mindset to be prepared for the tough hours of not eating on cleanse days and the first few days of getting used to the program is so important.  because once you commit, you're committed.  the only person that can compromise that commitment is you.

it's taken me a long time (over two years!) to feel like i'm really doing it.  like i'm really on the path to lose weight.  maybe i wasn't confident enough that i could do it.  maybe i didn't feel enough support so that i would do it.  i knew i should do it, but could-a, should-a, would-a.  

if you want something, go after it.  

you never know what amazing things will grow out of that amazing first step:  commitment.

today i started a new program at the gym and it's going to be great.  i'm already looking forward to making progress with weights and kicking some serious @$$.  it's funny, in the past, i've done contests at the gym, and there is one coming up, but for some reason, this time around, i don't need that kind of motivation.  i don't need a cash incentive for me to change my life.  i can motivate myself to be a healthy wife and, one day, a healthy mom.

if you're looking to participate in this 30 day program or want to ask me about, well, anything, email me!

Monday, December 8, 2014

day thirteen

aaahhhhhh, sunday.  and it's a bonus -- daylight savings time is over so we turned back the clocks an hour!  it's always such a nice surprise to feel like you're sleeping in and you look at the clock and it feels like an hour earlier!

i got started earlier than usual, around 8:30.  i, of course, started my day with my normal supplements and i watched a show on the dvr while i planned out what would be on the menu for the day and the week.  i wasn't feeling hungry, so i took off for the grocery store before having my shake.  i got all my shopping done, headed home, and by then, i was hungry!  i had another frozen shake with a scoop of all natural peanut butter and it was, once again, delicious.

on the menu for today (and most of the rest of the week) is pot roast!  i threw a big roast into the crock pot with some onions, garlic, salt, pepper, and beef broth.  after about 7 hours, it was smelling amazing.  i put some carrots and potatoes in the oven to roast, and once it was all done, we had an amazing meal.  it was warm, comforting, and very yummy!  i'm looking forward to having it for lunch a couple of times this week!

we relaxed and watched football and just enjoyed the day being together.  it was nice.  

sticking to this program is getting easier and easier.  although, the weekends are always harder for me.  i try to keep drinking water, but i know it's not enough.  it's easier for me to lose track of time on the weekends, too, so my meal times are sometimes wonky.

but, i'm making progress, and that's all that counts!

day twelve

day twelve was a great day -- almost halfway through!  after weighing myself and taking measurements yesterday (and seeing measurable progress - yay!), it's so inspiring to keep going.  so, just like every other day, i tried to kick as much @$$ as possible. =)

i woke up, started my daily routine with my supplements, a protein shake, and then i went to the gym.  it felt really good to get a workout in on the weekend.  for a long time i resisted going to the gym on saturdays, but i find that it helps me stay accountable and it just feels good!

when i got home from the gym, i did some general clean up around our apartment and took a shower.  by the time i was out of the shower, i was hungry!  i made a shake in my nutribullet with ice and a scoop of all natural peanut butter.  talk about delicious!  i felt like i was cheating on this program by having such a decadent lunch!

in the afternoon, mike and i (as well as my parents) went to look at a house.  it's the first house we've looked at and we're excited / anxious / nervous / looking forward to the whole process.  long-story-short, it's not the house for us, but it was good to start the process.

the rest of the day included an impromptu meal out with my parents, relaxing together, visiting with friends, and that's about it.  sounds like a nice saturday to me!  and, what's better, is that because i'm following this program so closely, i was able to make an unplanned meal out work!

Friday, December 5, 2014

day eleven

today is halloween.

i kinda wanna stab my own eyes out with a hershey bar.

actually, that's probably not possible.

but, i am being tortured by a bowl of candy on the front desk at work.  i don't want to give in, but i do want a piece of candy, damnit.  so, what i think i might do, is take one or two (no more!) pieces and put them in my desk.  and then, when this 30 day challenge is over, i will have two little treats to enjoy.

yup, this is defiantly the opposite of what i proclaimed the other day about giving myself non-food rewards, but it's halloween for goodness sake.  and who knows...i might have those pieces of candy still in my desk come valentine's day.  and if i do, that proves i have willpower and i can use it.  i can make the right choice.  and maybe the candy will still be there come easter or the 4th of july...and then that will really prove that if i set my mind to something, i can do it.

you see, the thing is, a couple pieces of halloween candy isn't going to kill my progress, but it's that halloween candy offers my body nothing other than satisfaction for my taste buds and my emotions.  so that's why i don't want to have it, because i don't need it.  which is why i haven't purchased any candy this year (sorry mike!) and don't plan to when it's on sale for 80% off, like i usually do.  

i love chocolate and candy and it's great to have as a treat occasionally, but for me, occasionally turns quickly into all-the-freakin'-time without even realizing i've stepped off of my healthy path.  so while i can (and do) practice moderation, my goals are more important to me than a peanut butter cup.  so that's why today i'm not enjoying halloween candy, instead, i'm enjoying not having halloween candy because i know i can and i know candy and chocolate will not be gone forever after today.

otherwise, today was a breeze, kinda like yesterday.  i had to alter my plan yesterday after knowing my choices the day before were not good enough.  i had my two shakes, supplements, went out to dinner with my girlfriends, had a wonderful time, and a delicious, healthy meal.  today, i've got my two shakes and my supplements, and i get to look forward to dinner with my husband tonight.

i've gotta say -- the shakes do a really great job of filling me up and satisfying me until my next meal.  the first few days i would grab a few almonds or another approved snack between meals, but i've found this week i've needed that less and less.  especially after wednesday, when i had two meals and one shake and woke up feeling less awesome than before, i just don't think i need that much food all the time.  i do listen to my body though, and if i am hungry or i cannot have a meal or shake for another hour, i'll grab a few almonds to hold me over!

this is all such a learning curve and a long process of learning what works for you.  for me, i know i need to have a regimented eating plan because it's way too easy for me to graze or grab food all willy-nilly.  finding out what works for you might take days, weeks, months or years...and for me, i know i need to have a plan and stick to it.  i have tried to fight that, but i have come to accept that i need to be mindful of everything that can affect my food choices -- my schedule, events, emotions, holidays, friends, temptations (i'm looking at you bowl of candy on the front desk) -- or i will convince myself it's okay to make a poor choice just this once.  before you know it, i've had 9 days in a row where i've made less than good choices and i'm going down the path of weight gain.  

i would much rather have successful days full of good choices that will help me reach my ultimate goal:  lose weight.  m&m's aren't going to help with that.  kit kat isnt' going to help with that.  and neither is baby ruth.  or butterfinger.  or skittles.  or...okay, you get the point.  but while yes, there is room (calorie-wise) for me to indulge in a piece of candy...

wouldn't i rather make the choice i know is right and be just that much closer to reaching my goals?

i think you know the answer to that.


day 11 is weigh-in and measurement day!  here's what the numbers say:

weight:  -7.6 lbs
neck:  no change
upper arms:  -1.5 inches
chest:  -3.0 inches
diaphragm:  -2.5 inches
waist:  -3.5 inches
abdomen:  -4.75 inches
buttocks:  -2.5 inches
upper thighs:  -1 inch
calves:  -1 inch
upper knees:  +.5 inches

total inches lost (in 11 days!):  21.75


bring on day 12.

day ten

i woke up today and knew my experiment from yesterday wasn't a great idea.  it's hard to describe, but i just felt meh.  i woke up and just didn't feel as good as i've felt since starting this 30 day cleanse.

so, today's plans changed.  since i've got dinner plans with my girlfriends, and i didn't want to miss out on that, i've decided today will be a two shakes and a meal kinda day.  i'm just going to make my lunch shake later in the day so i feel like i get adequate nourishment before my workout.

dinner tonight with my girlfriends is at a local italian restaurant.  luckily, they have terrific salads and one of my favorites - woodfired shrimp!  so despite having to change my plan for the day, i'm still compliant with the program.  

after having two meals yesterday and waking up today feeling like my experiment was not a good choice....i'm happy that i'm recognizing that feeling and addressing it.  ordinarily, if say i overate on sunday, come monday i'd feel lethargic, bloated, and gross.  but that wouldn't stop me from continuing making poor choices on monday.

that's stopping now.

no out of control.

no feeling like crap.

no setting myself up for failure.

if i want to reach my goals, i have to do it.

so today, i'm scaling back from original plan b and sticking with the program.  i've been mindful of how i feel and am adjusting accordingly.

it feels good.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

day nine

another great day!  i've definitely gotten the hang of the shake days.  my cravings and feelings of hunger have subsided.  i'm pretty much only hungry in the morning at breakfast time, at lunch time, and at dinner time.  which is fantastic.  i've been really wanting to get my grazing out of my routine.

the only problem i've been having for the last few nights is i've been waking up intermittently through the night.  sometimes it's because i need to use the bathroom (a gallon of water a day will do that to ya!) but sometimes i just find myself rolling over and trying to get comfy and feeling frustrated that i'm not sleeping.  i mean, at 3:30am, you're supposed to be sleeping.  

at least i am! =)

today was a bit of an experiment because, as i told you yesterday, i had dinner plans with my bff.  we try to get together once a week because life is crazy and scheduling time with my bff is a non-negotiable.  

so, i replaced one of my shakes with a meal.  so today, instead of two shakes and a meal (plus snacks), i had two meals and one shake.  my concern was that come workout time, i wouldn't have enough energy, so i wanted to set myself up to feel good.  my lunch was the same as every other day and my dinner was a couple small tacos.  and they were delicious!  my bff makes some very yummy guacamole.  =)

i'm looking forward to see how i feel tomorrow after switching it up today.  i'll let you know!

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