Tuesday, February 4, 2014

fresh air

it's been a minute since i last blogged.  and it's been amazing.  don't get me wrong, i've missed sharing recipes and adventures alike (i've got an arsenal of posts planned), but there's something about unplugging and actually living that feels like a breath of fresh air.

you know that moment when you're sitting next to your significant other/spouse/best friend/co-worker/whoever and you realize you've spent approximately .08 seconds actually enjoying each others' company?  you realize that after a day spent in front of the computer at work, you've just spent 32 minutes updating facebook or checking instagram while the other person simultaneously does the exact. same. thing.

i find it maddening.  and yes, i'm guilty of it too.

i've spent the majority of my life in front of the computer.  my dad built me one when i was just a small kid.  i had fun math games on floppy disks (the actual big floppy ones) and it ran on a dos operating system.  when the internet became a thing, we got it (and it's unbelievably amazing and fast slow dial-up speed).  i had a yahoo email.  i aol instant messaged.  i typed papers and learned how to pretty-up a presentation.  in college i learned excel and had a lan connection (which felt like the speed of light compared to dial up).  and then i graduated and got a job where i sit at a desk in front of a computer.

now, here we are...and computers are everywhere.  work, cars, phones, tv...everywhere.

and i've just needed a break.  

(don't get me wrong, i think computers are a very important tool and the technological advancements that have occurred directly because of computer science are amazing...but i still needed a break.)

part of my break has been just to see/feel/hear what's going on around me, and really know i'm paying attention.  and part of it has been because i'm busy and exhausted and sometimes things just aren't blog-worthy, even if they are.  it takes so much time to download and edit photos, write content, edit, and publish a post.  let alone 10 posts a week like some blogs do.

since starting this blog, i have done some pretty amazing things, including starting this blog.  i have: worked, traveled, joined a gym, had some fun adventures with amazing friends, eaten some delicious food, made new friends, gotten engaged, and now i'm planning our wedding.

it's been an amazing journey.  and i love sharing it with you.

so, i want you to know that i'm still here.  i'm still cooking up a storm...i'm still crafting and painting...i'm still thinking and brainstorming for this little blog.  

but you know what else i'm doing?  enjoying life just for the sake of enjoying it.

there have been recipes i've made that after it's all gone i think, oh man, i should've taken pictures for the blog!  and then i realize that it's okay...the meal was enjoyed, it provided nourishment, and it was a success just because i made it...not because i shared it on the blog or my dear readers have pinned it on pinterest.

so, i'm sorry for not sharing more...but again, i'm not sorry.  because really, i hope that after reading this little post, you realize that maybe unplugging a little more often is a good thing.  maybe it's only an hour a week on 'date night'...maybe it's only the hour a day you're at the gym (guilty!)...whenever those unplugged moments happen for you -- enjoy them.  soak them in like the sunshine.  breathe them in like fresh air.

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  1. I'm with you on unplugging. We saw Her at the beginning of this week and it is such a warning to our generation about where we are headed if we don't unplug. I am afraid that the personal touch and meaningful moments are being lost as we get sucked into our own personal technology. A breath of fresh air is always good to refocus and gain perspective


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