Thursday, March 20, 2014

{99 days} the countdown is on!

i can't even begin to tell you how exciting slash amazing slash overwhelming it is that i get to marry my best friend in just 99 days.  

my, how time flies!

i've been working hard at getting things checked off my to-do list, scheduling appointments, and trying to enjoy every moment of being engaged.

so, where are we in the planning process?  pretty much done!  everything that needs to be planned ahead/scheduled/requires a deposit is set.  you know, all the "big stuff":  venue, caterer, cake, dress/suits, tent rental, portable toilets, officiant, invitations...

so now, it's time to sweat the "small stuff".  as you can already imagine, there are some diy elements to my wedding.  i can't share all the details yet, but don't worry, i will totally overshare every detail of our special day this summer.

i will tell you about one of my diy projects:  collecting clear and green glass vases and bottles for the long banquet tables.  i'm not sure how many i have now, probably about 25, but i know i need more.  we're going to scatter them throughout the tables with just a single flower or a small arrangement in each one.  there will be other flowers and items on the table to add to the festiveness, but there is something about a 'collected' look that is very beautiful to me and i wanted to create that with glass vases and bottles.  in my eyes, a 'collected' look shows effort over time...maybe including gifts or heirlooms...nothing matches perfectly, but nothing clashes either.  you know, it's 'my kinda perfect'. 

it's so amazing to start to see it all coming together.  getting emails titled "PROOF APPROVED" or phone calls saying "your dress is in!" is part of the icing on the cake for a bride like me.  it just keeps reminding me how much i love doing this.  if i could quit my job today and be a wedding planner, i would.  i love that every bride and groom have a certain vision for their special day, and making all the details (big and small!) come together is such an inspirational feeling.  i'm naturally very good at planning ahead and making sure everything is "just so", so this process has been quite stress-free for me.  

(just keep your fingers crossed that mother nature will get the message that it's officially spring.  the snow needs to stay away until next winter and the sun needs to come out, otherwise the beautiful field that's set to be my wedding venue will be more like a pond!)

so now that the countdown is really on, i've gotta get to work!  i have a couple things i need to design, a couple things my friends and family are helping with, and then there are things that just need to wait (like placecards) until we know exactly who is coming.  

and you know what?  i'm loving every second! 

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  1. AHHH!! It's going to come so soon! I'm so so so excited to see your wedding!


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