Wednesday, March 5, 2014

give up or give in?

i work part time at a church.  so, with today being ash wednesday, i'm acutely aware that lent is upon us.

i remember growing up, attending sunday school and church services, and ritually giving something up every year for the 40 days that is the season of lent.  it was always some silly thing that felt challenging as a child. (like giving up chocolate...i've since learned that giving up chocolate isn't silly.  or possible.)

now that i'm an adult, i can freely choose to give something up at any point in time for any reason i feel is logical.  but when lent comes around, despite not being a 'practicing' christian, i feel compelled to do something.

so, this year, instead of giving something up, i'm going to give in to the fact that i have too much stuff.  the silver lining is that i know i don't need this much stuff, but there is something i can do about it.

enter 40 bags in 40 days.  thanks to ann marie from white house, black shutters, i'll be spending the next 40 days purging my stuff.  the challenge is simple:  focus on cleaning one area per day.  the idea is that after the 40 days, you'll have 40 bags (of any shape or size - or it doesn't need to be a bag!) of stuff that you don't need that either someone else could use or it needs to be tossed.

i know that at the end of this 40 days my apartment will feel lighter and i will feel better for not only having cleaned up my crap, but for donating usable things to people in the community that need them.

mike doesn't know it yet, but he's taking this journey with me.  in fact, he already started!  after one of those nights of having a hard time finding the right pair of pants, i was convinced mike was acting like a 14 year old girl with a closet full of 'nothing to wear'.  well, it turns out, he didn't have anything to wear.  he's lost a little weight so all of his pants were too big.  like no-unbuttoning-and-they-still-fall-off too big.  waaay too big.  so we have a pile of pants that need a home.  (i've found a home for them on a local facebook page.  a mom was looking for the same size pants for her son to wear to school.)

so, just like that, we got rid of extra clutter, helped someone who needed something, and now mike really doesn't have any pants to wear!  haha, no not really.  (yeah, really.)

wish me luck on this 40 day adventure!  i know there are several areas of our place that could use some de-crapifying.  what about you?  are you giving up something for lent?  or will you join me and just give in to the fact that you have too much crap and you should spend the next 40 days getting rid of it?

p.s.  you can download the photo above to use on your own blog, facebook, or instagram.  find me on facebook here and instagram here.  and follow along with white house, black shutters on facebook here and instagram here.

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  1. THis is a really great idea. I love the idea of purging and simplifying. Get it gurl!


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