Monday, March 31, 2014

you win some, you lose some

the bad news is team wedding didn't win the new year, new you contest at kdr fitness.  but, the good news is that of the 54 participants, not only did the group as a whole lose a whopping 310lbs (!!!), but i (somehow) managed to have the second biggest gain in lean muscle in the six week contest!  i was stunned i was capable of that big of a muscle gain!

a big congratulations to team "bros before ho-hos"!!  jason, court, and tom took home the big prize of $3,000.  

and, like my title says, you win some, you lose some...but in the end, we're all winners for losing.  we all committed to the journey and we all saw results.  so, while only one team actually won the prize, losing some pounds and inches was definitely worth it.

oh, and the fact that my beloved gym, kdr fitness, won the valley business journal's 'best of the best' award for best gym!  woohoo!!!  that's well-deserved recognition!!  congrats!

happy monday!

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