Wednesday, April 23, 2014

when it all starts feeling real

with the wedding countdown officially on...(66 days and counting!!!)...there are more and more things happening that really starts making this whole thing feel this is a real event, with real people coming...and we are really getting married!  eeek!!!!  can you tell i'm just a smidge excited?!

most recently, we've crossed a bunch of stuff off the never-ending on-going list:  

- we chatted with our officiant
- i had my first dress fitting
- we picked up the invitations
- we had our food and cake tastings
- i addressed the invitations
- we picked up our wedding bands
- i met with the videographer
- and very importantly, we mailed the invitations!!!

each of these steps has been fun and exciting.  we truly cannot wait for the big day to arrive. 

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