Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{wedding wednesday} volume 1: faves


how are you?

i know it's been awhile...but i've been a tad busy.  you know, with planning and executing my wedding and all...

so let me tell you this:  it was perfect.

mike and i had the best. day. ever.  no seriously, it really was.  it was so good i'm not really sure where to start sharing.  so, i'll do what i do best - overshare. =)

i'll start off this wedding series (on wednesdays!) with a few of our favorite photos from bethany and dan photography.  they captured our day in so many special ways and we are forever grateful to have our precious memories in photos so we can continue to soak them up forever.

so, without further are just a few(ish) of our favorites!

and here's a link to bethany and dan's post about our special day!  some of the same pics, but more of the story about how we connected with them. =)

upcoming posts will include more thorough stories around the preparation and diy/crafty stuff, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, getting ready, first look, family and bridal party portraits, the ceremony, the reception, and our honeymoon.  stay tuned because there's a lot of fun stuff and more details coming your way!  and i know how you readers just love details!  =)

photography:  bethany and dan photography
flowers:  valley flower company
cake:  a to z cakes

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