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{wedding wednesday} volume 3: what we wore

awhile back i shared how i found my dress and a few tips for other brides-to-be on how to make shopping for that special gown a little easier.  since shopping isn't really a passion of mine (nor is it for my bridesmaids, husband, and groomsmen), keeping our process simple was important.  because mike and i already had an idea of what we wanted everyone to wear, the actual browsing and trying-on process was pretty quick.

so today, i'm going to share the details of what we all wore!

bridal gown

as i shared before, i shopped for my dress at madeleine's daughter in portsmouth, nh.  they carry over 30 designers, and i tried on several different ones, but ended up with a watters gown.

the style is patagonia (7071b).  here's the photo from the watters website, which i don't think does the dress justice!

this dress was so comfortable, especially when compared to some of the other dresses!  the bodice was tight enough to really keep me in and the material was pretty lightweight, making it much easier to wear and walk around in than some of the gowns i tried on.

it's made of beautiful ivory washed silk organza and has pick-ups in the skirt with flower and lace embellishments.

the chapel train was lovely for walking down the aisle.

but my favorite part was the flowers and lace.  they were so delicate and pretty...adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to the look.

for my hair, i purchased a headband with a fabric flower attached.  i detached the flower and entrusted my dear friend, jennifer, to create a clip for my hair.  she added some embellishments with pearls that really added a special touch.  jennifer has created hundreds (maybe thousands!) of hair pieces through the years working with city center ballet.  so not only is she capable and creative and my dear friend, i knew she would ensure my clip would withstand all the dancing!)

for jewelry, i wore a mix of old an new.  i wanted to wear mixed metals because my rings are silver and my earrings were gold, and my collection of bracelets is mixed, so i just picked some of my bangles to create the mixed look.

i wore a pair of kendra scott earrings, the danielle style in chalcedony.  i liked the light greenish-blue color of the earrings...and they ended up matching my shoes!

i chose to wear 6 bracelets; a few silver bangles that once were my nana's as well as a few newer alex and ani bracelets.

the three alex and ani bracelets i chose to wear were all special gifts.

the 'love' one came from mike this past valentine's day.  i figured it would be fitting to wear that on our most special day.  

the one with the tree came from my girls.  i had actually gifted them the same bracelet as a "will you be in our wedding?" gift, but the girls wanted to make sure we all had one, kinda like a modern-day friendship bracelet.  it's extra fitting because there are three little flowers under the tree...and to me they represent me and my two best girls.  buddies for life.

the 'L' one came from my best friend's husband, who is like a brother to me.  he gave me this special gift at our rehearsal dinner, to honor what would be my new last name:  Lessard.

for my shoes, there were only two requirements:  comfortable and cute.  when i scoured the internet for wedding shoes during the cold winter months, i was surprised to find many cute options.  but when i found these candie's from kohls, i knew they were it.  and i thought they'd work well for my girls too, and they were perfect!

bridesmaids dresses

i, being the awesome bride that i am, told my girls (marileigh and sara, who were matron- and maid-of honor, respectively) that they could pick their dresses.  there were only two requirements from me:  dark orange and short skirt.  the dresses didn't have to be the same, in fact, i preferred a mixed-up look not only for the aesthetic, but also because i knew different styles would suit each girl differently, because they have different body types.  they happily obliged with my requests and we had so much fun shopping.  

we showed up to our 12:30 appointment at madeleine's daughter at 12:15 and we got right to work.  we grabbed a few styles off the rack that caught our eyes and the girls hopped in their dressing rooms.  

after trying on a couple styles, they both emerged with huge smiles.  marileigh had a very flattering style with an empire waist and straps, while sara's style was strapless, but the same cut and material.  they loved them.  i loved them.  

then, just for fun, they switched styles.  nope!  they had already nailed it.  so they switched back and we called it a day!

we picked bill levkoff dresses in the 'persimmon' color.  we left madeleine's daughter at 12:45.

it took us only 30 minutes (THIRTY!!!) to find styles, try them on, make a decision, and purchase the dresses.  that must be some kind of record.

and don't they look beautiful?!

marileigh and sara wore the same sandals as i did, and i gave them some kendra scott earrings to coordinate everything nicely.  you can see them in the picture of sara above.  they are kendra scott 'elle' earrings in white pearl with gold.

the suits

mike and i figured out right away we wanted the guys to be in light colored suits -- either light gray or tan.  since our wedding was in late june (summer!), we thought the lighter color would really go with the time of year.  then mike went suit shopping at mens wearhouse with his brother...

executive decision made:  tan linen it was! 

they chose calvin klein tan linen suit separates -- vest and pants.  along with a white shirt and a to-be-determined-later tie. 

since we had picked out dark orange dresses for the girls, we figured dark orange ties for the guys would be great...and maybe mike would wear a tie that was a little different.  and then we found these shoes and felt like we were really getting the hang of this coordinating thing...

and then we felt like we weren't.  we looked and looked and looked for orange ties.  i mean, we scoured every store for orange ties.  any time we were in a store that sold ties, we looked at their selection.  they were all ugly.  and i'm not talking it's-not-quite-the-right-shade-of-orange ugly, i'm talking ugly.  it was starting to get discouraging the closer we got to the wedding with no ties in hand.

and then the clouds parted and we had a successful shopping day (after stopping at about 6 stores before hitting the jackpot that particular day).  it had been awhile since mike had set foot inside a mens wearhouse store, so when we found ourselves in manchester, nh, one day, we stopped into the store in the mall of new hampshire.  we looked.  we hemmed and hawed.  we had a terrific sales guy helping us try to match the swatch from the girls' dresses.

we finally settled on this tie, joseph and feiss washable tie in 'rust'.

but we weren't 100% sold.  time was running out with only about 6 weeks left until the big day.  so we left the store and walked around the mall some more.

mike was on the phone with his dad when i ducked into express men.  i saw a few ties hanging up and figured i should at least check them out.  after i saw this tie...

i stepped out of the store to grab my fiance.  this was starting to feel right.  he picked it up and examined the colors.  "i like it," he said.  so we decided to buy it and walk back to mens wearhouse to compare it with the dark orange one there.

sold and sold.  phew!

and...look at how perfectly everything coordinates?  this is a picture of the girls' dresses in the back with the ties.

nailed it, right?  check out the ties with the shoes!

to say we were pleased would be an understatement.  trying to piece together all the essentials and getting it to match was a challenge, but in the end it was perfect.  at least, i think so.

our dads also chose to wear the same suit, but my dad chose to also get the jacket.  and they opted for brown shoes.  mike and i purchased ties just for the dads.  i picked out my dad's -- paisley with a peach background (from brooks brothers), to coordinate with my mom's 'peach' dress.

mike picked out his dad's from men's wearhouse -- stripes to coordinate with his own tie, and brown and light orange to coordinate with everything else.

i think we put together quite a polished look, if i do say so myself.  mike's mom wore a lovely gray lace dress that looked great with her husband's gray suit!  (hint:  mike's mom bought a long dress and had it shortened!  good tip for finding just the right dress -- it might not be just right off the rack, but with a little altering, it could be the one!)

but i can't forget to tell you about my mom's dress!  we had so much fun together shopping for hers.  

again, we went to madeleine's daughter.  portsmouth is almost two hours from where we live, but going to such an amazing bridal shop really enhanced our experience.  we had interactions with several different staff members (hi brandie and renee!), and all were just as sweet as pie.  they really made the whole dress-buying experience for me, my mom, and my girls magical.  i don't think i could recommend a place more.  

but back to mom's dress.  shopping for her dress was the longest process of all the dresses.  it's been a minute since my mom has worn (or shopped for) a formal dress and since we had already picked my dress and the girls' dresses, we wanted hers to fit right into the mix.

the process started with picking out a bunch of dresses she wanted to try on, even if they were the wrong color or size.  it's easy to get a feeling for what a dress will look like, even if it's the wrong size.

we started with a blue strapless dress that had a bolero.

it was very flattering.

but it wasn't the one.  mom looked fabulous in it, but the strapless style just wasn't her style.

then she tried on a couple with flowers on the straps...we were thinking that might coordinate well with the flowers on my dress.

my slim little mom looked so great in all the dresses.  but none of these were really "her".  i mean, if you know shirley, you know what's "shirley" and those dresses aren't it.

and then we got her in this one.

the color wasn't right, but the dress was oh-so-right.  i mean, look at that smile!

we looked at the swatches this dress was available in and knew immediately 'peach' was it!  it would coordinate well with both my dress and the girls' dresses.  mom felt comfortable and looked amazing!

she ordered some shoes, hoping they would go with the dress well and also be sturdy and comfortable.  if there's anything a wedding doesn't need it's a mother-of-the-bride in uncomfortable shoes!  mom found this dansko style (the sonnet in peach floral), knowing they'd fit the comfort and sturdy requirements...

little did we know how perfectly the peach floral danskos would go with her peach dress!

isn't she adorable?

and that's how we all got dressed on june 28th! =)

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photography:  bethany and dan photography

flowers:  valley flower company

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