Wednesday, August 20, 2014

{wedding wednesday} volume 4: rehearsal dinner

friday evening, the night before our wedding, we practiced, we ate, we drank, we laughed, and we held back tears...commonly known as the rehearsal dinner.  because our wedding would be at 5:00pm, the rehearsal was timed to match the wedding, and it worked out great.

everyone, as in mike and i, the girls, the guys, our famillies, the photographers, the officiant, and the guitar player (and his lovely wife and adorable son), met up at the boys camp just before 5:00.  pete, the owner of the boys camp property, was also there, telling everyone stories about the history of boys camp and his memories growing up there.

we made the trek down to the waterfront where the ceremony would take place...

and we made a final plan as to how everything would go down.  logistics are key, you know.

and mike and i pretended to get married.

in case i haven't mentioned it enough through this wedding process yet, we LOVE our wedding photographers.  bethany and dan were phenomenal.  they were thoughtful.  they were professional.  they were fun.  and damn, they took some amazing photos.

i mean, this not a precious photograph?  that's pete and his dog murphy, and our friends' (steph, my hairdresser, and shaun, our guitar player) son.  moments like this caught forever in a photograph amaze me.  everyone else was occupied with the wedding rehearsal and steph was running after the little one (she's just outside of the shot).  bethany and dan somehow knew to pay attention to the cute little boy in the red rain boots.

we stood around chatting and enjoying the sunshine before hiking back up to the boys camp.

and then we went to commemorate the special occasion with dinner, drinks, and conversation with our nearest and dearest at the fireside inn & suites garden court restaurant.  

we had planned our meal ahead of time, limiting the guests to a few choices on the menu for dinner (delicious burgers and sandwiches!) along with a couple of appetizers, salad, and dessert!

when we arrived, i was overwhelmed by the project mike's mom did for us!  she created these amazing photo displays of mike and i growing up and a bunch of photos of us together.  i think my face says it all!  i was completely blown away!  

and now we have these awesome creations forever!  i already have plans to hang them in my future craft room!  thanks liz! =)

we enjoyed our evening...mingling and chowing down.  and it was awesome to have our long-distance travelers join us the night before -- my college friends (from pennsylvania and new jersey) and my "aunt and uncle" (from arizona).  when you don't get to see people as often as you'd like, you include them in whatever you can!

i'm so glad to have these photographs of our special memories...i'm sentimental a total sap and re-living these moments makes me so happy (and maybe a little teary).  a lot of people opt out of having their professional photographers at the rehearsal dinner, but i think because it's such a special moment in time shared with loved ones the night before the wedding, it's worth it.  and i'm a sucker for candid photos of my favorite people.

a night of wonderful memories with the most wonderful people!

stay tuned every wednesday for more wedding wedding wedding! =)


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  1. Everything is so picture perfect! I LOVE your dress. You look so pretty.


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