Wednesday, August 27, 2014

{wedding wednesday} volume 5: getting ready

the day of the wedding was a whirlwind to say the least.  and since i knew it would be, i wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page.  my family, mike's family, the girls, the guys, the photographers, the officiant, etc...i wanted everyone to know what was going on exactly when it was going on.  so, i made a timeline.

i won't bore you with all of the details of my timeline (unless you really want to know -- email me!), but i will tell you this:  it changed the game.  instead of everyone running around all willy-nilly thinking they need to be somewhere "around 3:00", we knew who needed to be where at 3:00 and where they were going when they left at 4:15.

so, here's how the big day went down...

at 6:00am, i found myself laying in bed unable to sleep.  i pulled out my phone and fiddled with facebook and instagram until i felt like it was a more appropriate time to wake up my girls.  they were downstairs.  

we spent the night at the stanford bed & breakfast, right on crystal lake.  the general plan for the girls was:

-- get up
-- go to boys camp and set up a bunch of stuff
-- go back to the b&b for breakfast and showers
-- head to our hair appointment at noon
-- come back to the b&b
-- and finally...get ready

the boys' plan was a little different since they weren't helping with the set-up:

-- get up
-- hit golf balls at the driving range
-- breakfast
-- shower
-- go to my parents
-- get ready

(my timeline had a very specific plan for the timing of these events...and it really made it easy for us to follow and no one got confused or was late to anything!)

so, back to 6:00am.  once i had laid in bed long enough, i texted my girls downstairs who were, of course, also awake, giddy with excitement.  we threw on some comfy clothes, went out to the dining room where sue and ray (the sweet b&b owners) had coffee on for us!  we relaxed for a little while enjoying our coffee before we decided it was time to head over to the boys camp to get to work!  my mom and the girls' mom were meeting us there to help.  the rental company had set up all the tables and chairs, but with the florist coming before the caterer (who would ordinarily set up most everything under the tent), we needed to get the linens on the tables ahead of time and get a bunch of other stuff (my crafty projects, the guest books, photo displays, etc.) set up.

we had a great time running around, organizing things, and watching the big white tent turn into the back drop for our wedding celebration.  before we knew it, it was time for us to head back to the b&b for breakfast and showers.

speaking of breakfast...

{image via stanford b&b}

{image via stanford b&b}

{image via stanford b&b}

we felt completely spoiled!  delicious muffins, fruit cups, and mini quiches!  all with a beautiful view of crystal lake.  and more coffee!  

once we showered, we were off to just paradise salon for our hair appointments.  eden, the owner, did an amazing job of making it really special...

a special sign welcoming me and my sweet.  and some more sweetness, of the literal variety.  chocolate covered strawberries (that eden made herself!) and mimosas!  way to make a bride and her best girls feel like queens for the day!

we sat right down so our professionals could get to work!  tammy, katie, and steph did an amazing job!

here's a close-up of the flower that went in my hair.  my friend jen did such a fabulous job of jazzing it up a bit to make it more special.

ready to see my final 'do?

it was nice and relaxing for an hour and a half or so, but then we were right back to the timeline and got back to the b&b to meet bethany and finish getting ready.  and at this time, the boys were meeting dan at my parents house to put on their fresh linen suits and finish getting ready themselves.  i think the photos speak for themselves...

and that's how one bride, two maids of honor, one groom, one best man, and two groomsmen got ready for the day.

next post:  first look.  if you aren't familiar with what a first look is, stay tuned for next wednesday.  i'll share all the details of how we decided on having a first look, what we did for it, and why we think it was a great choice for us.

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photography:  bethany and dan photography

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