Wednesday, October 1, 2014


the last month has been nothing less than crazy for mike and to say it's been a whirlwind would be pretty accurate.  why?  do you ask...

we moved!  

before you ask, no we didn't buy a house, although that is our ultimate goal...instead, after an unexpected event with one of our neighbors, we decided to start fresh somewhere else.

without getting into the details, let's just say that you know those times when things that have bothered you, but not enough for you to do something about it...and then it comes to a point where you must do something about it?  that was our situation, and i'm glad we stuck by our sudden, pit of your gut reaction.

and, as much of a pain in the you-know-where moving is...our new place is fantastic!  it's has a better layout...the kitties are in heaven....oh, did i mention it's quiet?!  and it's a more convenient commute to work.

so, while i have many many apologies for the radio silence, especially on wedding wednesdays, i didn't have much of a choice.  packing, moving, unpacking, and organizing take a lot of time.

so today is whirlwind wednesday instead.  =)  hoping to be back to my regularly scheduled programming next week with more wedding pretties.  i've still got so much to share -- the food, the party, our hindsight....all of it is coming.  i promise.

i'll leave you with a picture of the kitties, who really didn't want me to leave this morning.  before i left, i pulled back the curtain of the window that's open to our porch so i could peek back in on them, and this is what i saw:

happy wednesday everyone!  we're halfway through the week!

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