{wedding wednesday} volume 7: bridal portraits

when mike and i first started planning our wedding, we knew we wanted it to be on crystal lake.  and, since our family is friends with the family that owns the boys camp, hosting the event there was kinda a no brainer.  

enter andrea's creative, over-the-top thinking.  i wanted to see if there was a way we could get married on oliver island, in the middle of crystal lake.  

i dreamed of having a half a dozen boats that would pick up guests from the dock at boys camp and shuttle them to the island for our special ceremony.

pretty quickly, the logistics sounded crazy, especially to mike.  i was still pushing to see if it could work, and my mom was cheering me on.  mike thought it sounded like it was more work than it was worth, and the more we talked about it, the more i knew he was right, which is how we landed on having our first look on oliver island instead.  and that went perfectly.  (especially because i had my specific timeline for all of the day's events!)

after our first look was done and bethany and dan had taken shots of us together, we went back to my parents house to have our group photos taken.

talk about some amazing, gorgeous, irreplaceable pictures!  i am absolutely in love with how all of our images turned out.  we stood right on the dirt road (with cars passing by!) and arranged ourselves in all of our groups.  bethany and dan, being the terrific professional photographers they are, asked us ahead of time to give them a list of the shots we wanted.  me, being the obsessive organizer that i am, made sure not only was the list complete, but that each shot would transition easily to the next. it went a little like this:

Bride and Groom: Andrea and Mike
Bride and Groom with Bride's Parents: Andrea & Mike with Shirley & Glyn
Bride with Bride's Parents: Andrea with Shirley & Glyn
Bride with Father: Andrea with Glyn
Bride with Mother: Andrea with Shirley
B&G with Groom's Mom: Andrea & Mike with Liz
B&G with Groom's Mom & Husband: Andrea & Mike with Liz & Rich
B&G with Groom's Dad: Andrea & Mike with Jim
B&G with Groom's Dad & Wife: Andrea & Mike with Jim & Robin
Groom with Dad: Mike with Jim
Groom with Mom: Mike with Liz
Groom with Brothers: Mike, Nate and Jake
Groom with Groom's Mom and Brothers: Mike with Liz, Nate, Jake
Groom with Groom's Dad and Brothers: Mike with Jim, Nate, Jake
B&G with Groom's Mom & Husband and Brothers: Andrea & Mike with Liz & Rich, Nate, Jake
B&G with Groom's Dad & Wife and Brothers: Andrea & Mike with Jim & Robin, Nate, Jake
Bride with Brothers: Andrea with Nate & Jake
Bride with Groomsmen: Andrea with Scot, Nate, Jake
Groom with Groomsmen: Mike with Scot, Nate, Jake
Full Bridal Party: Andrea, Mike, Scot, Nate, Jake, Marileigh, Sara
Bride with Bridesmaids: Andrea with Marileigh, Sara
Groom with Bridesmaids: Mike with Marileigh, Sara

Everyone: Andrea & Mike, Scot, Nate, Jake, Marileigh, Sara, All Parents (Shirley, Glyn, Liz, Rich, Jim, Robin)

so, here are some more of those pictures...

once all of those photos were done, the boys (and dan) took off for the boys camp.  

it was almost time!!!!!!


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photography:  bethany and dan photography
flowers:  valley flower company


any questions about my wedding or want advice?  i'm just an email away!


  1. of course i love this... just like all your wedding posts. hey! thats me!

    1. i had to include that one! =) it's a favorite! thanks to you and dan for the beautiful photos. we are still in awe of everything. our day couldn't have gone more perfectly.


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