Wednesday, December 3, 2014

day eight

all i can say is the shake days are easy at this point.  i don't get hungry or tired, i just stay focused on the plan.  22 days to go!

i know i'm only a week into this 30 day program, but i feel like i really need to set some goals.  i'm not a good goal setter.  i like vague goals.  specific goals are scary because it's obvious when you don't reach them.  but, i'm gonna do it.

setting goals.

1.  lose 17 pounds by the end of the year.

i already told you guys that is my ultimate goal.  but with that goal in mind, i want to push myself further because, well, i know i can do it.  i just have to, well, do it.

2.  gym 4x per week.  no excuses.

if i want to change the body i'm in, i've got to be the one to do it.  there's no other single person on the planet that can make my body smaller.  i am the only one in control.  working out is healthy.  it makes me feel good, accomplished, and strong.  i like to be reminded that my muscles have been used.  and, if there's one thing i've learned in this weight loss journey, it's this:  hard work pays off.  so, girl, get to work.  you want the payoff, so do the dirty work.

3.  write down cravings and use it to plan cheat/treat meals.

the other day when i went to my parent's house, i could smell baking bread.  (my dad is obsessed with baking bread thanks to my mom buying him a bread maker for christmas last year.)  now, i'm totally down for low-carb this and grain-free that, but there is one bread product i would cry over if i could never have it again:  baguette.  thoughts of baguette quickly entered my head as i smelled that delicious, warm, bread-baking smell.  as much as i wanted to run to the nearest bakery and pick up a yummy baguette and chomp down on a big, crusty piece slathered with butter...i did not do that.  instead, i tucked away my baguette thought and decided the next time i was having a cheat/treat meal, i would treat myself to some baguette.

now, i'm not the weirdo that only craves bread.  chocolate?  obviously.  candy?  it's freakin' halloween season, of course!  cheese?  it's my favorite.  ice cream?  only all summer long!

but, luckily, i also crave healthy things.  like the other day, i wanted brussels sprouts like it was my job.  so, i made brussels sprouts salad with a few pieces of bacon, and that's part of my lunch for the week.  sometimes i want a salad or eggs or a cheesesteak stuffed pepper.

so part of this goal is to be mindful of my cravings and desires -- whether compliant or not.  when it's something like chocolate or baguette, i will try to remember that so when i'm giving myself a little treat, i'll include one of my recent cravings.  and when it's something compliant, well, then i must be doing something right.

4.  give yourself rewards

remember how i told you the other day about the tea i bought?  i purchased that for myself as a reward for making it through my two day cleanse.  while it's in the food and drink category, it's calorie free, sugar free, carb free, and i don't plan to add any to it to make it non-compliant.

i want to keep giving myself these non-food rewards.  when i hit a goal, get a mani/pedi.  or order new clothes.  or take a new class.  i want to keep myself motivated, so i will be rewarding myself.  just not with food.  because i'm not a dog.


so back to the 30 day challenge.  truthfully, these shake days aren't hard.  do i get hungry?  yup, mostly around meal times.  do i have cravings?  yup, but i manage them.  i also know that this is a 30 day program.  any time i'm feeling down, defeated, or without, i remind myself that it's temporary.  right now i'm not allowing myself to indulge, but by working hard, i will reach goals and i will be able to have the right mindset where if i want a piece of pecan pie on thanksgiving, it will be okay.  because i won't be having the whole pie nor will i indulge in pecan pie every day for the week after thanksgiving, i will have my one piece and be cool with it.  because i love pie, not because i cannot live without pie for 30 days.  because i can.

how do you set goals?  do you reward yourself?

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