Friday, December 12, 2014

day eighteen

day two of the cleanse means i'm over the hump!

yesterday truly went great.  was i hungry?  yes.  but i was always able to curb my appetite with water, tea, and the approved snacks (like the yummy chocolates!).  i even did a workout at home with my 20 lb dumbbells.  some people think of cleanse days as 'shred days', where they can really go into beast mode during their workouts.  i wanted to do something, but i didn't want to overdo it, so i did a rotation of lateral lunges, goblet squats, bent over rows, and overhead presses for about 25 minutes.  i threw in 30 burpees too because there's a 30-burpees-a-day-for-30-days challenge at the gym.  i certainly wasn't sweating like i do at the gym, but i did exert energy and felt happy i had done something. 

today went much like yesterday, but instead of going home after work for a workout, i went to my part time job.  it's nice to stay busy on cleanse days because then there is less time to focus on the fact that you're actually not eating much physical food.

i'm looking forward to tomorrow and having my shake.  i think when i wake up i'll treat myself to a frozen shake in my nutribullet with a scoop of peanut butter!  that is just so yummy and i'm definitely looking forward to it.  i'm also looking forward to ordering some vanilla protein to be able to mix with coconut water and pineapple.  

okay, now i've just tortured myself on cleanse day by thinking of a bunch of different (and delicous) ways to make a shake!

i'll stop now.  

but, you know what i've been thinking?  i was planning to follow the whole30 program once my 30 days is up, but i'm contemplating doing this 30 day program again!  if i repeat the cleanse again, it will end the week before christmas...which i think is a good thing!  i'll set myself up for success throughout the holiday season.  there will be cookies and cake and candy galore, and while i love all of those things, i love the thought of reaching my goals more!

originally, my goal was to lose 17 pounds by the end of the year.  i've already lost over half of that.  why not keep going?

so, that's where i'm headed.  down the road of more shakes and cleanse days.  and lots of sweating.  and grunting.  (only because i'll be kicking so much @$$!!)

if you're interested in learning more about the 30 day program, let me know!  i'll answer any of your questions and if you want to join, i'll totally help coach you through it.  because you can do it.  you just have to start!

it's hard...but remember:  a year from now you'll wish you started today.

bring on the weekend!

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