Friday, December 5, 2014

day eleven

today is halloween.

i kinda wanna stab my own eyes out with a hershey bar.

actually, that's probably not possible.

but, i am being tortured by a bowl of candy on the front desk at work.  i don't want to give in, but i do want a piece of candy, damnit.  so, what i think i might do, is take one or two (no more!) pieces and put them in my desk.  and then, when this 30 day challenge is over, i will have two little treats to enjoy.

yup, this is defiantly the opposite of what i proclaimed the other day about giving myself non-food rewards, but it's halloween for goodness sake.  and who knows...i might have those pieces of candy still in my desk come valentine's day.  and if i do, that proves i have willpower and i can use it.  i can make the right choice.  and maybe the candy will still be there come easter or the 4th of july...and then that will really prove that if i set my mind to something, i can do it.

you see, the thing is, a couple pieces of halloween candy isn't going to kill my progress, but it's that halloween candy offers my body nothing other than satisfaction for my taste buds and my emotions.  so that's why i don't want to have it, because i don't need it.  which is why i haven't purchased any candy this year (sorry mike!) and don't plan to when it's on sale for 80% off, like i usually do.  

i love chocolate and candy and it's great to have as a treat occasionally, but for me, occasionally turns quickly into all-the-freakin'-time without even realizing i've stepped off of my healthy path.  so while i can (and do) practice moderation, my goals are more important to me than a peanut butter cup.  so that's why today i'm not enjoying halloween candy, instead, i'm enjoying not having halloween candy because i know i can and i know candy and chocolate will not be gone forever after today.

otherwise, today was a breeze, kinda like yesterday.  i had to alter my plan yesterday after knowing my choices the day before were not good enough.  i had my two shakes, supplements, went out to dinner with my girlfriends, had a wonderful time, and a delicious, healthy meal.  today, i've got my two shakes and my supplements, and i get to look forward to dinner with my husband tonight.

i've gotta say -- the shakes do a really great job of filling me up and satisfying me until my next meal.  the first few days i would grab a few almonds or another approved snack between meals, but i've found this week i've needed that less and less.  especially after wednesday, when i had two meals and one shake and woke up feeling less awesome than before, i just don't think i need that much food all the time.  i do listen to my body though, and if i am hungry or i cannot have a meal or shake for another hour, i'll grab a few almonds to hold me over!

this is all such a learning curve and a long process of learning what works for you.  for me, i know i need to have a regimented eating plan because it's way too easy for me to graze or grab food all willy-nilly.  finding out what works for you might take days, weeks, months or years...and for me, i know i need to have a plan and stick to it.  i have tried to fight that, but i have come to accept that i need to be mindful of everything that can affect my food choices -- my schedule, events, emotions, holidays, friends, temptations (i'm looking at you bowl of candy on the front desk) -- or i will convince myself it's okay to make a poor choice just this once.  before you know it, i've had 9 days in a row where i've made less than good choices and i'm going down the path of weight gain.  

i would much rather have successful days full of good choices that will help me reach my ultimate goal:  lose weight.  m&m's aren't going to help with that.  kit kat isnt' going to help with that.  and neither is baby ruth.  or butterfinger.  or skittles.  or...okay, you get the point.  but while yes, there is room (calorie-wise) for me to indulge in a piece of candy...

wouldn't i rather make the choice i know is right and be just that much closer to reaching my goals?

i think you know the answer to that.


day 11 is weigh-in and measurement day!  here's what the numbers say:

weight:  -7.6 lbs
neck:  no change
upper arms:  -1.5 inches
chest:  -3.0 inches
diaphragm:  -2.5 inches
waist:  -3.5 inches
abdomen:  -4.75 inches
buttocks:  -2.5 inches
upper thighs:  -1 inch
calves:  -1 inch
upper knees:  +.5 inches

total inches lost (in 11 days!):  21.75


bring on day 12.


  1. Good Job Andrea! I hope you at least enjoyed an isadelight :) I just have to stay away from sweets because once I have 1 or 2 I can't stop! Great results!

  2. oh my. You have some serious discipline. I LOVE candy. It's so hard to not give in. But you're right. What's it worth? Nothing really.


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