Tuesday, December 9, 2014

day fifteen

these shake days are seriously getting easy.  looking ahead, i'm doing two more cleanse days on day 17 and 18, so the end of the week is gonna be rough.  i don't care for the cleanse days, but i do care for the results!  

overall, today was good!  i had another great sweat session at the gym and it felt like a productive day overall.  i worked, went to the gym, worked at my part time job, ran errands with my husband (calling mike my husband will never get old!), and relaxed for a bit before going to bed.

with the recent time change it's been easier for me to go to bed early, which makes waking up even easier.  i know the supplements i'm taking as well as the routine i'm following are really helping me get a better night's sleep...because i can feel it.  i feel so much better.

so...this is the halfway mark.  bring on next half! =)

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