Thursday, December 4, 2014

day nine

another great day!  i've definitely gotten the hang of the shake days.  my cravings and feelings of hunger have subsided.  i'm pretty much only hungry in the morning at breakfast time, at lunch time, and at dinner time.  which is fantastic.  i've been really wanting to get my grazing out of my routine.

the only problem i've been having for the last few nights is i've been waking up intermittently through the night.  sometimes it's because i need to use the bathroom (a gallon of water a day will do that to ya!) but sometimes i just find myself rolling over and trying to get comfy and feeling frustrated that i'm not sleeping.  i mean, at 3:30am, you're supposed to be sleeping.  

at least i am! =)

today was a bit of an experiment because, as i told you yesterday, i had dinner plans with my bff.  we try to get together once a week because life is crazy and scheduling time with my bff is a non-negotiable.  

so, i replaced one of my shakes with a meal.  so today, instead of two shakes and a meal (plus snacks), i had two meals and one shake.  my concern was that come workout time, i wouldn't have enough energy, so i wanted to set myself up to feel good.  my lunch was the same as every other day and my dinner was a couple small tacos.  and they were delicious!  my bff makes some very yummy guacamole.  =)

i'm looking forward to see how i feel tomorrow after switching it up today.  i'll let you know!

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