Tuesday, December 2, 2014

day seven

i made it through a week of my 30 day cleanse.

my eleven pound deficit has certainly hurled my motivation into full swing.

this week includes at least 5 workouts at the gym and if the weather cooperates, a couple walks outside.

i'm looking forward to working out -- getting in 3 workouts at the gym last week felt terrific.  i love being able to feel my muscles and know that they are working.  the only days i skipped were monday (we had a delayed flight sunday night causing us not to get home until 2am) and my cleanse days (i didn't want to over-do it on days when my caloric intake was minimal at best).

today is monday, so to me there's always a small sense of a fresh start.  anything i did badly last week i can work on and improve this week...although i was quite diligent with the program last week, so i'm planning on doing the same.

the shake days are pretty easy for me to make it through -- two shakes and a meal with snacks.  i find that a plan i can follow pretty easily.

so, i'm glad this week should be pretty monotonous, like most.  on days i workout, i plan to eat my meal at lunch (and have a shake for dinner).  this week's meal of choice is chicken sausage with portabella mushroom cap stuffed with tomatoes and goat cheese and a side of brussels sprout salad.  

wednesday i have plans for dinner with my bff and thursday is my monthly girls night, so those are two challenging day for me with two meal options, both lunch and dinner.  i may opt for a small salad for lunch with my protein shake, just to get extra substance in my body on a workout day and save my meal for dinner on wednesday because it's my favorite:  mexican!!  i'm agonizing over what to do on thursday.  i want to see these girls, but sometimes you just have to draw the line.  i'd rather not draw the line on this event, so i may have my lunch on wednesday, a shake before i work out and a small meal for dinner instead of having a snack in the afternoon and a shake for dinner.

the beauty of the conundrum is that i'm looking ahead and purposefully creating a mindful plan.  is the plan the same as the booklet that came with my 30 day cleanse?  no, but with a little bit of tweaking, i can make both specialty days work and follow the program quite closely, while not completely throwing it out the window.

here's my thinking...  since i want this 30 day cleanse/challenge to be jump start to my new goals in my weight loss journey, i want to also create good habits.  it's smart for me to look ahead a few days and realize that i'll be sad if i miss a night out with my girlfriends, but i don't have to sabotage my efforts for the cleanse by eating a crazy caloric meal at the restaurant with them.  instead, now that i've realized that i want to do something that wasn't part of the original plan, i don't have to scrap the whole plan, i just have to be willing to have a very small, healthy meal amongst friends because visiting with my friends is the most important part anyway.  then my head and heart are happy because i made a good choice and i saw my friends.  and my tummy is happy because it got to enjoy some delicious food, but it's not over-stuffed with garbage.

i think i'm starting to get the hang of this again.  one part of me loves the planning because i love knowing what's going on and having control (for me, often control = results).  but another part of me hates all the planning and wishes i could be one of those lucky people who eats however much of whatever they want and nothing happens.  but...i cannot do that.  if i have a free-for-all all the time, i will gain weight, and that is the opposite of my goal.

on to week two!

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