Thursday, December 11, 2014

day seventeen

aaaahhhh, the first day of my second two-day cleanse.  i can do this!

i woke up ready to get up, which is always a good thing.  as much as i love sleeping and snuggling in our cozy bed, waking up feeling ready for the day is such a blessing.  some days waking up to the alarm going off is rough, so i'll relish in the days when i've definitely had enough sleep because my body felt good enough to wake up without the alarm.

i started my day with my first serving of the cleanse "juice".  the first time i ever had the cleanse liquid, i wasn't exactly excited to drink it.  it tasted like a highly concentrated mixed fruit juice...and while the flavor hasn't changed, i found it much more tolerable today.  maybe it's because i woke up hungry, so i was looking forward to getting some nutrients into my body.  or maybe my taste buds have changed enough that it didn't taste so dramatically strange, like it did the first time.

i prepared the rest of cleanse day (for while i'm at work) -- two more servings of cleansing juice, the recommended snacks, and one serving of the daily liquid supplement.  

i know what you're thinking..."that's all you eat on cleanse days?"  

well, the short answer is no, because that doesn't include what i'll consume at home after work.  

but, the long answer is,'s a cleanse day, so you are ingesting the cleanse "juice", which is chock full of vitamins, nutrients, herbs, and botanicals that serve several purposes:  protects cells and vital organs from aging, encourages safe weight loss, boosts mental and physical performance, and supports detoxification and protects against toxins.  you're also enjoying the recommended snacks (including the green tea-infused chocolates, that are delicious), and you have the freedom to listen to your body, which is probably the most important part of the cleanse.  if you feel your blood-sugar drop, you should listen to your body and eat something -- it is recommended to have a quarter to a half an apple or pear.  

are the cleanse days hard?  yes and no.  we are conditioned to eat solid food throughout the day, so that aspect is hard.  plus, i enjoy eating because i like yes, it's challenging.  but, when you have goals in mind and you know these 48 hours will contribute hugely to those goals, you suck it up and make it happen.  at least that's what i do!  i've decided it's more important for me to work hard and reach my goals than be lazy and enjoy too much food.

last night when i was at my bff's house, we were chatting about the program, and i was trying to explain why i liked it so much.  i was telling her how it's actually been easy to switch to having two shakes a day and one meal per day, especially because i'm really enjoying that one meal.  i've told you before and i'll tell you again:  i love eating delicious food.  and for me, it's really easy to love eating delicious food at every meal.

now let me switch gears for a minute (i'll come back to my point)... i have a friend from the gym who is one awesome badass girl.  a couple years ago she joined kdr fitness, shed over 30 pounds of fat, and is now a fitness competitor.  her regimen is so strict, especially in the weeks before a show, that i cannot even imagine following her program.  (it's quite remarkable to watch her!)  but, she eats to perform.  (don't worry, she indulges too!  just after the show!)  the week before a show, her preparations are intense and her meals are the most unappetizing things ever (imo) for the three days leading up to the show.  boiled chicken breast.  and that's it.

let that soak in for a minute.  boiled chicken breast.  several times a day.

is that extreme?  perhaps, but you should see her body!  she has worked extremely (and excruciatingly) hard to make the progress she has made.  and she is truly amazing.  she is a beautiful soul that truly shines on stage...and her high placements in these competitions prove she is doing something right!  so, if in the days before a show she needs to eat only boiled chicken breast in order to perform at her optimum, that's what she does.  i commend her commitment because i don't think i could do that. 

so, back to my two shakes and one meal a day.  doesn't it sound heavenly now?  you get to have two (pretty tasty) shakes and one delicious meal (plus snacks)...every day.  so, trying to explain why i like the program so much was easy when i compare it to my friend's strict pre-show regimen.  i get to enjoy one meal a day...not two, three, or four meals.  and i think that's my point.  i'm not very good at the "eat to perform" mentality.  i do my best to make the best, most compliant choices i can every day...but ultimately, i want to always enjoy the food i put in my mouth.  so, if i'm eating 3, 4, or 5 meals a day...i will want to enjoy those meals...which eventually turns into too much indulging or too many calories or both.  so, having one meal a day where i get really enjoy it...well, that works for me.  and it sounds a lot better to me than boiled chicken.

i have spent so much less time focusing on the food i eat because i'm eating so much less.  i'm still consuming the proper calories, i'm still getting enough protein, but i'm also definitely not over-eating.  

i hope that makes sense.  i think if you have a history of over-eating or binge-eating, this will resonate with you.  has it been challenging?  maybe a little...but i'm 100% committed to this program and reaching my goals, so really, it's been a breath of fresh air.  because i can do this.

so can you!

if you're interested in asking me about the program, email me!

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