Monday, December 1, 2014

day six

shake days i can totally handle.  i'm starting to like the shakes more than the first day and i do like the plan of the days -- early morning: liquid supplement and water; morning (breakfast): shake, supplement; late morning (snack): approved snack (i like almonds), water; early afternoon (lunch): either a 400-600 calorie meal or a shake, water; mid-afternoon (snack): approved snack, water; evening (dinner):  either a 400-600 calorie meal or a shake, water; late evening (bedtime): supplement.

having a schedule of what-to-eat and when truly makes it fool-proof.  i mean, i guess if you cheat and drink your face off or have unapproved snacks/foods/meals, then you're just setting yourself up for failure.  

while an all-or-nothing mentality is a great way to get results, for me, it is absolutely not something i can maintain 100% of the time.  by committing to this 30 day challenge, i know i could be setting myself up for gaining weight back after it's over...if i don't have a plan.

BUT -- i'm creating a plan.

i mentioned yesterday how i'm reading 'it starts with food'.  (terrific, amazing, educational, and interesting book that should be required reading before kids learn how to cook.  IMO.)  basically, the book is an in-depth look at how food affects our bodies.  yeah, i know, basic and in-depth don't really go hand in hand.  so maybe this is a better summary:  it's intense.  they go into hormones and blood sugar and break-downs of macro-nutrients.  they break it down into simple terms so you understand why insulin resistance is a dangerous thing (and what it can lead to) and why what you're eating could be making that happen.  and they dive deeper into it on many levels and it's very interesting, confusing, overwhelming, and life-changing.

at the end of the book they go over the plan they've dubbed 'whole30'.  if you've been here awhile, you know i embarked on a similar journey a few years ago.  i did great, i felt great, but i hadn't read this book yet, so the fundamentals of the program were kinda lost.  basically, the whole30 program is an elimination diet, where the heavy hitters in the allergy/sensitivity category aren't consumed so you can try to give some laser focus to the food/nutrients/etc. that are going into your body.  the biggies are: legumes, dairy, alcohol, grains, and sugar.

now that i've been reading 'it starts with food', i'm going to try the whole30 program again, probably after i'm done with this 30 day cleanse/challenge.  having a plan will most definitely help me not gain back the 11 pounds i've already lost in the current that's that.  based on my own nutritional needs (especially protein and fat), knowing my own body in many ways (like i'm not overly sensitive to dairy), and my own cravings, i might be slightly lenient on one thing:  cheese.   i love cheese (seriously, it's my favorite food) and it's the kind of the thing that i can crave, have one serving, and be very satisfied.  (for the record, i could also probably easily consume an entire block of cheese in one sitting and have no adverse affects, other than regretting i had hogged down 8+ servings of cheese like a pig.)

so, i have a plan.  

i will probably tweak it as i get into it, like i might have one or two shakes a day still, just to maintain my protein intake, but follow the whole30 program for my meals and snacks.  and i'm also going to continue taking my supplements from the 30 day cleanse.  i like the way i feel (more energy!) and if that's part of what's helping me stay the course by having results, then i'll just keep at it.

i just need to make it through the next 24 days!

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