Wednesday, December 10, 2014

day sixteen

today was one of the rougher days throughout the work day.  i had a lingering headache that just would. not. quit.  maybe my head really knows tomorrow and the next day are going to be challenging with the cleanse.  but -- i can do it!  i did it a couple weeks ago, and i'll do it again.

like most wednesdays, today i had dinner plans with my bff.  we (and our husbands) get together and have mexican...and it's always delicious.  taco, taco salad, enchiladas...give it to me.  i love it all.  mexican flavors just speak my flavor language.  so, that taco salad was probably the highlight of my day.  especially as my last meal before two days without a solid meal.

i'm looking forward to flushing the toxins out of my body and keeping my weight loss momentum going.  many people like to work out on cleanse days, but i think i'm going to take it easy.  i might do a short at home workout tomorrow (thursday), but since i'll be going to the gym on day 18 (saturday), i'll probably just take a rest on friday.

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