Friday, December 5, 2014

day ten

i woke up today and knew my experiment from yesterday wasn't a great idea.  it's hard to describe, but i just felt meh.  i woke up and just didn't feel as good as i've felt since starting this 30 day cleanse.

so, today's plans changed.  since i've got dinner plans with my girlfriends, and i didn't want to miss out on that, i've decided today will be a two shakes and a meal kinda day.  i'm just going to make my lunch shake later in the day so i feel like i get adequate nourishment before my workout.

dinner tonight with my girlfriends is at a local italian restaurant.  luckily, they have terrific salads and one of my favorites - woodfired shrimp!  so despite having to change my plan for the day, i'm still compliant with the program.  

after having two meals yesterday and waking up today feeling like my experiment was not a good choice....i'm happy that i'm recognizing that feeling and addressing it.  ordinarily, if say i overate on sunday, come monday i'd feel lethargic, bloated, and gross.  but that wouldn't stop me from continuing making poor choices on monday.

that's stopping now.

no out of control.

no feeling like crap.

no setting myself up for failure.

if i want to reach my goals, i have to do it.

so today, i'm scaling back from original plan b and sticking with the program.  i've been mindful of how i feel and am adjusting accordingly.

it feels good.

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