Wednesday, December 31, 2014

day thirty

i did it!  i made it through 30 days!!!!!

now, i've told you my thoughts, goals, and some of my progress...and while hearing about my thoughts on this cleanse and how i'm feeling, the progress is really what we all want to know, amiright?

so, here it goes...what the numbers say for the entire 30 days:

weight:  -12.6 lbs
neck:  no change (but it looks thinner)
upper arms:  -1.5 inches
chest:  -5 inches
diaphragm:  -3.25 inches
waist:  -5 inches
abdomen:  -4.75 inches
buttocks:  -1.5 inches
upper thighs:  -1 inch
calves:  -1 inch
upper knees:  +1.5 inches

total inches lost (in 30 days!):  36.5

so...i'm hopping back on for another thirty days....who wants to try it out?  just email me here and i'll answer your questions and get you all signed up!

don't wait to change your life.  start today.  **real time update below**

image via spunky junky

image via etsy

image via pinterest

**real time update**

since completing my first 30 days, i jumped back on for another 30, but did not focus on weight loss for this month of thanksgiving, indulging, christmas, indulging, and indulging.  in fact, while i indulged far more than i planned, i maintained my weight.  so, yeah, that last stupid five pounds?  still got it.  but, i'm already back to being 100% committed to reaching my goals -- i'm back on the program and consistently back at the gym.

new goals will be posted in a few days.  because remember, 2015 = fearless. =)

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  1. Wow, I am totally blown away. YOU DID IT! What an awesome thing. You should feel extra proud of yourself!


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